Pond Fountain – Maintenance Tips and Troubleshooting

best pond fountain

If you are thinking of installing a pond fountain in your pond, you may be wondering what the best pond fountain to buy is? The best pond fountain is not necessarily the one that is most expensive or the most aesthetically pleasing. It is the one that will work best for your pond and your money. Pond fountains tend to be ornamental and offer little nutritional benefit to the fish and plants living in your pond.

best pond fountain

Most people who enjoy spending time outside their home have small lakes or ponds with flowing water that provide them with a relaxing place to get away from daily life stress. Lake fountains and other water features add a touch of natural beauty to the pond and surrounding area. However, if you enjoy fishing or swimming in your pond, moving water isn’t always the best option. You will want the best pond fountain that produces not only moving water but also still water. You should also make sure that the pond fountain you purchase is sturdy enough to withstand being repeatedly moved around regularly.

Why pond fountain maintenance is a mandatory task?

Maintaining a pond fountain is more challenging than constructing it. When people install a fountain in their backyard pond, they think they could just sit back and enjoy its benefits without spending additional time or money on it. But they are wrong! They don?t know that it was the beginning of hard maintenance work.

How to Maintain a pond fountain?

  • Control algae growth
  • Manage the nearby plants
  • Maintain the right temperature
  • Grow water plants
  • Make it well-aerated
  • Maintain filter, pumps, lines, and fountains
  • Troubleshoot and repair any leaks
  • Maintain the right water level
  • Control ice in the winter
  • Keep the water chemistry optimum
  • Clean your pond regularly

Let?s learn about what one should consider while installing and maintaining a pond fountain.

Compare price of different stores

You can find a large variety of pond fountains at your local pond supply store, as well as online. However, you should consider spending some time doing some comparison shopping between different online stores. The great thing about doing this is you can quickly see price differences to know where to save your hard-earned money. Don’t forget that local stores typically have better quality and more knowledgeable salespeople than online stores. Be sure to let the salesperson know exactly what you are looking for to get the best deal.

Look for good aeration system

The most important aspect of buying a pond fountain is to ensure it has a good aeration system. This aeration system will allow the water to contain oxygen and other nutrients to sustain plant life in your pond. If you do not have an aeration system in place, your water quality will decline because the pond fountain will not be circulating the right amount of oxygen into the water. If you purchase a unit that does not include an aeration system, it is important to add one after you buy the unit.

Check power source

The next most important part of a pond fountain is its power source. Most are powered by electricity or battery packs. These power sources should be kept as clean as possible because they can become contaminated easily. It is best to regularly maintain your pond fountain to keep it running properly and keep harmful chemicals out of it.

Use aerator

Some pond fountains may need some additional tools, such as an aerator. This tool helps to maintain the correct flow rate that helps keep your pond free from excessive splashing. It helps keep algae from forming. If your pond fountain is powered by electricity, this tool is not recommended because electricity can damage the pump and filter system. Also, you must use a high-quality power source and only buy a low-quality power source if you are going to use an aerator.

Self-cleaning sensor

Most pond fountains also come with a self-cleaning sensor. This tool should be used in conjunction with the lighted pond fountains test kit. If your fountain works properly, this tool should remove any buildup of calcium and magnesium, which cause algae to grow. These tools are very handy when used together. You should test each piece regularly, especially if you are using the lights, to make sure everything is working correctly

Most pond fountains are powered by electricity or batteries, which require maintenance. It is good to add a layer of sand to your pump intake to the pump intake doesn’t clog up. If your pump is continuously clogged, algae will form and will eventually kill your fountain. Also, it is a good idea to run a water testing kit regularly, both in the spring and fall. The most important thing is to maintain your pond fountains, but it is worth doing so if you can prevent algae from forming.

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