Tips To Maintain Good Indoor Air Quality

It is important to maintain the right quality of air inside your house. Good indoor air plays a vital role in maintaining the good health of you and your family. Bad indoor air quality may lead to negative health results, including breathing problems, respiratory ailments, and many more. Let us learn how to maintain the optimum air quality at your place. Read the following points:

1. Boycott Air Pollution Sources

The best way to improve indoor air quality is to find out the sources of air pollution and control them. It is better to take preventive measures in advance rather than looking for cures later. 

Various control techniques include the elimination of harmful contaminants, controlling CO2 emission levels inside the home, and using the best cooling appliances like air conditioning Sydney. The latest technology air conditioning system not just maintains ideal temperature but also to quickly remove pollutants from the air.

indoor air quality

2. Maintain Good Ventilation

One more technique used to upgrade indoor air quality is to maintain a good ventilation system inside your house. Good ventilation will help you to move stale air outside and bring the fresh air inside of your home. Open your windows and doors and let the fresh air circulate inside your place. Enjoy nice weather and healthy life.

3. Install Exhaust Systems

Most rooms inside your home, such as the kitchen and bathroom, these two rooms are responsible for contaminating the air quality.  Therefore, it is a good idea to install exhaust fans in these places that act contain air contaminating sources. 

The stove is the main source of contamination in the kitchen. Therefore, it is recommended to install the exhaust portal above the stove to get rid of smoke and bad odor. 

All bathrooms must be equipped with exhaust portals and fans to get rid of bad smell and other harmful microbes that can degrade the quality of air. These exhaust portals remove bad smell and other contaminants. These exhaust systems not just reduces bad odors but also helps in the circulation of fresh air.

4. Invest In Good Quality Air Filters

There is a wide range of air filters for air conditioners are available in the market. These filters are ranging from cost-efficient flat-panel models to optimum performance pleated filters. Most of the high-quality air filters are capable of eliminating harmful contaminants from indoor air, with high MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value). 

High MERV value indicates the effectiveness of air-filters in removing harmful contaminants. Some air filter models are comprised of activated carbon that helps in removing gaseous pollutants. Investing in a high-quality air filter for ducted aircon Sydney will help in improving the quality of your home.

5. Maintain Ideal Humidity level

By maintaining the right humidity level inside your house, you can control the production of mold and mildews. Also, you can restrict various microbes inside your house that need a hot and humid climate for their survival. 

Do you know that molds and mildews are responsible for triggering various life taking diseases? You must focus on maintaining an energy-efficient residence with good air sealing. It is important to control the vapor level inside the house. 

The entire building envelope system needs to be inspected so that you can stop the unwanted enter of moisture inside your home. Along with the air conditioning system, you should also focus on the optimum ventilation system to ensure that an adequate amount of moisture stays inside the house.

6. Get Rid Of Pollution Sources

Out of all, the best way to protect indoor air from being contaminated is to remove and to manage individual sources of pollution. If you are using the right quality of material, then isolate those that are responsible for creating a problem. In addition to this, maintain ventilation to reduce indoor pollutants. 

7. Install Combustion Equipment

In addition to various other techniques, select, install, and integrate your home’s combustion system to ensure safe indoor air quality.  As combustion appliances are responsible for the generation of pollutants that can trigger various health issues; therefore, it is important to set up these appliances properly. Nost just installation, but proper maintenance of these equipment forms a major part.

8. Remove Second-hand Tobacco Smoke

All of us well aware with the fact that secondhand tobacco smoke is comprised of more than 40 carcinogens that are responsible for elevating death rate of thousands of non-smokers each year, and wreaks havoc on the lung development of children, but if for some reason you still aren’t convinced to take those cigarettes outside, let’s touch on the dangers of third-hand smoke. 

Third-hand tobacco smoke refers to the residue that tobacco smoke leaves on walls, upholstery, clothing, skin, and other surfaces with which it comes in contact. 

This residue reacts with nitric acid, a common home air pollutant, to form tobacco-specific nitrosamines. And because this pollutant is largely the result of tobacco residue, it isn’t effectively eliminated through ventilation.

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