Why should we choose a Mahindra Tractor for Agriculture?

    Mahindra Tractor

    Mahindra is a very trustable brand, and it makes a place in Indian’s heart. This company makes a record of selling tractors around the nation. Mahindra company has placed over 40 countries only based on its quality and comfortable features. Along with this, it is the only brand globally, who won the Deming Award and the Japanese Quality Medal. It achieved the first position to roll out 3 million tractors in March 2019.

    Mahindra started in 1963 and continues to show its presence and influential position in the market till now. They worked with generations of farmers. Mahindra tractors have the name ‘Tough Hardum’ for setting an exception built and performance on rugged and unforgiving terrains today. Mahindra tractors made a partnership with the farmers by providing the most rigid tractors in India. Now, here are some advantages and features that justify why Mahindra tractors should be farmer’s priority.

    Advantages of Mahindra Tractor 

    Check out below some advantages of the Mahindra tractor that proves it is the world’s best tractor brand. Let?s check out below. 

    1. Fuel efficiency: ?Mahindra tractors are very shy to use fuel. They have very high fuel efficiency because their tractors are manufactured with powerful engines. The company fitted engine provides effective work and efficiency on farms that can help farmers save a lot of money. Their engine offers high torque and comes with a water separator which makes it maintenance free.?
    2. Master of any work: Mahindra tractors have both purpose farming and haulage. The Mahindra tractors have a speciality in farming and haulage, which makes these tractors more human helpers. Mahindra tractors are very skilful in any type of operations such as harvesting, padding, haulage, reaping and commercial. These all qualities prove that Mahindra is a multitasker in the real sense.?
    3. Service network: Mahindra tractors have a vast service network in the entire country. They have more than 900 dealers who have skilful and trained employees. Mahindra authorizes several service points and also has genuine spares with trained technicians. You can easily find Mahindra tractor dealers in India.?
    4. Design and comfort: Mahindra tractor placed no. 1 for design and comfort. It has a water resistant, washable seat material, perforated PU cloth that provides a firm grip to the driver, with foam lining to provide extra comfort for steering. It has 4 way moving seats and comfortable gear shifting and less steering wheel ratio, sheet and steering wheel cover for better comfort for long term use.
    5. Safety and trust: Mahindra tractors have a Smart range of accessories that offer extra durability, comfort and confidence. It has a clutch lock for security, a superior excel ratio and toe in and toes out for excellent gripping and excellent braking. Mahindra tractors protect you in all weather conditions with tear resistant, washable tarpaulin cloth in an attractive colour to match the tractors, and powder coating makes sure no effect of rust and corrosion, most robust 16 gauge, pipe-welded frame for quality, handle support at backside for extra safety.
    6. Finance and easy instalments: Mahindra Company has its finance company name as Mahindra finance, so it has an easy instalments process. We can make payments for instalments anywhere and anytime, which means no worry to go to the finance company office every month.
    7. Maintenance: ?Mahindra tractors have low maintenance charges, which save your time and money. Its parts are readily available in the market, so the customers have not to wait for importing parts from companies. Its part is available in the local market, so the customer has not to pay at the service station.
    8. Price reasonability: Mahindra tractors have reasonable prices according to their model and engine power. According to workload and engine capacity, several tractors range,so the customer easily chooses a model by his need, which is very useful to save money.
    9. High resale value: Mahindra is the brand of trust and believes, Mahindra tractors have fine and solid material for manufacturing, so machines are never old, in the market, there are 4 Mahindra tractors out of 10 tractors, and this is the value of Mahindra tractors, and also customers want Mahindra tractors for second ownership. Mahindra tractors have very high resale value for any model. There is a relation between buyer and seller for trust and belief, with Mahindra tractors.
    10. Ranges: Mahindra tractors have several ranges according to power. Some examples are below, Ideal for small intercultural operations, MAHINDRA YUVRAJ 215 NXT, MAHINDRA JIVO 225 DI, MAHINDRA JIVO 225 DI 4WD and many more. These tractors are suitable for agriculture and orchards on medium-size landholdings. As MAHINDRA JIVO 245 VINEYARD 31 TO 40 HP ? packed with fuel-efficient technology and advanced features, these tractors enable farmers to do more.???

    These are all about Mahindra Tractor. I hope you get detailed information about Mahindra tractors. For more information, stay connected with us.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


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