Get Top Features With .in Domain at Lowest Price From Hostbillo

Indian Market is becoming very important for companies. All want to increase their share in the domestic market. Business Buy .in Domain for target Indian Market more precisely. Using India?s official domain name helps the website to rank higher in local search results.

In the second quarter of 2022, the Indian economy expanded by 13.5% year on year.  In the previous quarter, it was 15.2%. In the reports of Statista by June 2022, 1481069 active companies are registered. These reports explain how businesses are growing faster in India.

After the pandemic most big companies started Heavy investing in India. Indian Market is very beneficial for them. Some of the big companies like Apple and Samsung have already set up their big manufacturing plants in India. Not only the big companies are so much attracted to the Indian market and want to get the best out of it. But there is a lot of small and growing business that is looking forward to building their brand in the domestic market.

If you look at Google Search results closely, you will find that 30-40% of top search results contain business websites that use .in Domain. You can imagine How much Google is giving preference to the local business. 

You can Buy .in Domain at Lowest Price From Hostbillo. You might be wondering why should you buy it from Hostbillo. In this article, we will explain 5 Features that you get when you Register a .in extension with Hostbillo. Let’s find out the top features.

Top 5 Features Offered By Hostbillo With .in Domain at Lowest Price

There are a lot of reasons to Buy .in Extension in India But Business Buy it for mainly two reasons.

  1. It helps them to target Indian user more efficiently
  2. .in cost very less as compared to other Top TLDs

Apart from these two reasons, there are other reasons too. Hostbillo Hosting Solution offers you features that enhance your domain security. Moreover, they offer you the option to customize personal details which are very important. Let’s dive into the features offered by Hostbillo with .in Domain at Cheap Price in India.

Custom Nameserver

The nameserver makes it possible for browsers to connect URLs to websites. This is very important. Without a nameserver, we have to memorize the IP address if we want to access any site. People have very little understanding of Nameservers. Whenever someone visits your website, Nameserver works behind it.

Generally, you don’t have to do anything with nameservers attached to your website. But in some cases, you want to optimize to as per your needs. When You Buy a .in Domain from Hostbillo. They offer you Custom Nameserver, so you can customize what information you want to display in ?WHOIS? searches. Setting up a custom nameserver helps you to Build Stronger and more powerful brand identity.

Free DNS Management

For a Particular Domain, managing the Domain Name System is called DNS Management. It includes tasks like- adding or deleting servers, Editing DNS Records, Managing DNS Zones, and many more. DNS is responsible for converting Computer-related IP addresses into Human-Readable websites. Hostbillo offers Free DNS Management with Registration of the .in Domain at a Cheap Price. There are a few advantages of DNS Management. 

  1. Advance Traffic Management
  2. Propagation of Domain Records Instantly
  3. Enhance Site Speed And Reliability
  4. Transferring Domain Registrations With Less Risky

Free ID Protection Option

As the name suggests, ID Protection means protecting your private information that is available publicly in the WHOIS database. Hostbillo offers you Free ID Protection in Option so you can secure your private data and low spam. There are multiple reasons why you need ID Protection but some of the top reasons are;

  1. To Reduce Chances of Scam and Spam
  2. To Protecting Your Data From Sold
  3. ID Protection Prevent Domain Name Hijacking

Domain Theft Protection

Once your domain is registered, your information will be available publicly and anyone can access it. This is the prime reason why Domain Privacy protection is important. There are chances that hackers are looking for loopholes so they can hijack your domain name and sell it. To protect your .in Domain from Hijacking and prevent it from unauthorized Transfer Hostbillo offers Domain Theft Protection. 

24/7 Customer Support

Customer Satisfaction is very important.  For solving customer problems in No time, Hostbillo offers 24/7 customer support, even With the registration of the .in Domain at a Cheap Price in India also. It is very important for customers to get the best support. Whenever you need technical assistance, Hostbillo’s customer service team is always available to help.


Indian Market is very big and it is growing very fast. For building a powerful and well-known brand in India, .in Domain Name is very helpful. Hostbillo Web Hosting Solution in India is very popular for the services they offer.

You can Register for .in Domain at Lowest Price without any hidden charge. Hostbillo offers you top security features like Free DNS Management, Free ID protection, and many more with 24/7 customer support.

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