Live-Streaming: How It Contributes to Your Sales

Communication of companies with customers is on the cusp of significant change. Business owners, marketers, and developers create a new environment of user engagement. Now we can interact with eCommerce sites via our smart furniture thanks to headless commerce architecture. Or, we can build strong connections with the brand thanks to social media and podcasts.

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One of the most notable digital marketing trends is the emergence of live streaming as a strategy that helps to promote the company. In this article, we�ll talk about how live streaming can help increase sales and which platforms allow you to become one step closer to your customers.

Live-Streaming Brief Overview

Live-streaming is a powerful interactive tool that allows viewers to ask questions during a video conference and get straight-away answers. Hence this makes the brand transparent and responsive. More than that, you may save your marketing budget as live streams don�t require editing, filming, and a complex creation process as videos or films do. You click the �Live� button and start your journey.

Live sessions differ in terms of the purpose you pursue. You may set up a video conference as a question-and-answer session with the CEO, employees, product developers, or an interview with influencers. It may also be a tutorial as well as a case study with a customer.

As long as you decide on the content and format, there are a variety of platforms where you can launch your video stream. The first thing that comes to mind is Facebook Live and YouTube. But it would be best if you didn�t also sweep Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram aside. In sports and gaming, consider Twitch to attract a younger audience.

There are several steps that you can take in a live streaming marketing strategy:

  • Start with an exciting topic and speakers;
  • Ask your audience or clients for advice;
  • Get suitable hardware;
  • Make the necessary settings in advance;
  • Test the streaming platform.

You can even go on a test air.

Short Statistics on Live-Streaming

The annual growth in popularity of live-streaming last year was 99%. Live broadcasts are at their peak, and the numbers make it clear that you need to dive into this communication option as soon as possible.

Marketing agencies, freelancers, and digital professionals were among the first to include this activity in their content marketing arsenal.

According to research, 78% of people watch YouTube every week, and 55% watch several hours every day. At the same time, more than half of them prefer to watch videos online rather than on TV. This habit has made it even easier to switch to the live broadcasting format.

What Your Business Can Get in a Short Time with the Help of Broadcasts

1. Recognition

Live-streaming is another traffic source that wouldn�t go amiss. It is true not only in terms of B2C but also B2B sphere as 73% of B2B businesses report positive results to their ROI thanks to live videos.

2. Trusting relationship with the client

Live-streaming on Facebook, YouTube, or another platform humanizes the business. People can meet and talk to those who stand behind the brand, product, etc.

3. High ROI

Unlike pre-recorded videos, which require allocating a whole team and a large budget, live-streaming needs less money, and most importantly, time expenditures.

4. Authority and trust

You will immediately know what your customers need and respond quickly to objections. That is, you analyze and entertain your audience simultaneously. You can convert even the angriest customer into a loyal follower by showing them that you are willing to listen, help, and improve your service.

Some tips

Regardless of what type of stream you�re using, it�s essential to follow these tips in  a live streaming strategy:

  • Provide high-quality video;
  • Present the product from all angles;
  • Utilize subtitles in other languages;
  • Optimize for mobile version and provide loading on any device;
  • Ensure the ability to share on social networks.

Types of Videos You Can Use in the eCom Business

There are a plethora of business fields in which live-streaming can be handy. The trend of streaming live has proven to be a successful tactic for eCommerce.� So, in this section, let�s focus on eCommerce.

1. Showing How to Apply, Assemble, and Install the Product with Instructional Videos

These videos provide the basic information or technical and complex information on using the product and allow you to see the product in action. More often than not, brand representatives invite a presenter or a host, making the experience more humanlike.

Videos can be creative and valuable, and the scope of such videos is cosmetics, kitchenware, household items, among others. If you also invite an expert, visitors will appreciate the broadcast even more thanks to the valuable content.

Sephora is an online frequenter on Facebook. This time they feature their Beauty Director Melinda Solares on their broadcast. She will help girls create their everyday summer makeup, talk about Sephora products, and viewers can shop live as she narrates.

2. Product Launch and Webinars

These videos can spark consumer interest, from a brief overview to a debut on launch day. These broadcasts allow them to feel like a part of the event, even from a distance. It is the perfect way to see firsthand something that you couldn�t touch or experience.

If you represent a more professional or industrial audience, you should consider webinars as a live streaming marketing strategy. A group or pair of product experts and brand representatives talk about product features, benefits, new aspects, uses, and answer questions from viewers that they leave before and during the live streaming. Complement your broadcasts with other types of audiovisual content, graphics, use cases, statements or guest reviews, and more.

After live streaming, the video can be saved so that more potential buyers continue to find, play it, and visit the brand�s website.

3. Collaboration with Influencers

This view implies reviewing, unpacking, and fetching by influencers. Influencers are people who are known to many consumers to a greater or lesser extent in their field. They talk about the product or include it for comparison for their target audience.

Buyers trust the real-life experience and feedback of others who they believe to be close or trustworthy. These videos also include parts of the shopping experience that brands don�t have in their videos. It could be, for example, what the package looks like when the item arrives, is it in good condition, is there anything extra, etc.

This is how Maybelline hosted a live stream on their YouTube channel, inviting TikTok influencer Meredith Duxbury. She set the world on fire for applying too much foundation on her face, so they asked her to share her method and showcase their products. They duplicated the broadcast announcement on their Instagram account and proposed subscribers to share their application experience in the comments below.

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