Enter E-bike On-Demand App Market Building LimeBike Clone App

E-bikes are trending these days. The kind of convenience it provides to the people, they are absolutely in love with this bike. What’s more, the bikes are eco-friendly, with endless health benefits and environmental benefits – the e-bikes demand is ever increasing. And this is the right time to take the plunge. Hence, building the LimeBike e-bike clone app for your business.

What Is A LimeBike Clone?

For entrepreneurs seeking a unique yet profitable business to venture into an on-demand industry. Therefore,  investing in an e-bike app can be the best idea. It is ever-rising marketing that has a lot of potentials.

The business is successful when it gives maximum ROI, provides brand visibility and profits margins are always soaring. E-bikes clone app comprises these elements and not to forget the scope of customizing your LimeBike clone app the way you want your app to be can be always achieved.

The LimeBike clone app is a ready-made solution that is carved by expert mobile app developers. This is ready to use white-label licensed source code version that automates your entire business from a single dashboard. The e-bike clone app helps to kickstart your business in just a few days.

The Reasons Favoring The On-Demand E-bike App

Globally we are going through a significant environmental transformation and there is more awareness of health. People want to look good and healthy thus, they are choosing a fit lifestyle – E-bikes let them have the kind of fitness at a very nominal price.

The government of the countries world-wides wants their citizens to stay fit and healthy and also wants their environment to be clean and greener. Hence, the E-bike app seems to be the perfect solution in rendering the need of both – people and the environment.

Rich-feature Of  Lime-bike Clone App

Responsive user-friendly design

The clone app has a responsive user-friendly design that makes it easy for users to book their e-bike quickly. The simple navigation makes it convenient for a non-technical person to book the e-bike and place an order.

Social media registration

The app lets you register using your social media account making it easy and quick. Hence, no more filling a lengthy form, just a few clicks and the app gets you registered.

Licensed white-labeling

You will be provided with a complete licensed white-label source code LimeBike clone app. Thus, you can customize in the future as per your business demands.

GPS Integration

The app comes equipped with a GPS integration. Thus, helping the user know the route when they ride their bikes.

State-of-the-art Technology

The e-bike clone app is built on state-of-the-art technology. Thus, ensures that the LimeBike clone app remains update and scalable to handle future business growth.


The LimeBike clone app is compatible on both platforms i.e. Android and iOS. Thus, making it hassle-free any platform will work flawlessly on any device like mobiles and tablets

The Workflow Of LimeBike Clone Apps

  • The user will register with the app using their social media or can fill up the registration form details
  • Once they are successfully login, the splash screen appears taking it to choose the e-bike booking.
  • The page includes several e-bikes, time-slot, date, for how many hours, and payment.
  • It generates the bar code to unlock the bike
  • Get on the bike to ride to your said destination
  • Park the e-bike, locking the e-bike at the destination
  • End the bike ride

Lime app has introduced the “Group ride” feature which is gaining popularity. Hence, people are enjoying this feature, allowing them to ride in groups. The feature allows them to unlock multiple bikes in one go. However, you can have a similar feature in your LimeBike clone app.

The convenience to ride a bike in the city, which is the USP of this app is the primary reason entrepreneurs today are keen on building a clone e-bike app.

A pro-on-demand clone app development company can be a great help in building you a LimeBike like app. They have a dedicated app development team and essential software and infrastructure thus, they make sure that your app is developed like how you wanted, ensuring to launch successfully in the App Store/ Android Store.

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