Leverage Your Full Potential with Knipex Tools

If you wish to deliver quality in every single detail that you work out in your daily repair and maintenance tasks, you really need to switch to Knipex tools and equipment. The brand Knipex needs no introduction but still if you are unaware of the benefits of using Knipex tools, we will offer detailed information on it.

Mechanics, engineers, and technicians need to perform several challenging repair tasks which require immense patience and precision to overcome a specific issue. Using poor-quality tools can add to your frustration and eventually, you may end in disappointment by creating a mess out of it.

Knipex Tools

The best way to overcome several hurdles in any repair and maintenance task is to use good quality tools and equipment which can add to your peace of mind and offer complete convenience and flexibility in delivering any task with complete perfection.

About Knipex

Knipex has a glorious history of serving various industries with its quality-proven tools and equipment for more than 78 years. The company never looked back since 1942 and constantly focused on delivering high-quality tools that can bring ease and flexibility for mechanics and technicians all around the world.

With every passing day since 1942, the Knipex Tools has deliberately developed itself as a trusted supplier of premium quality pliers, wrenches, crimps, knives, scissors, hacksaws, and that every tool which can aid you in performing different repair and maintenance tasks. Today, Knipex is the most preferred brand in delivering tools for automotive, electrical, and plumbing applications.

Where to Get the Best Range of Knipex Tools

Henchman Products is a leading supplier of extensive range of Knipex tools and equipment. It’s a one-stop platform where you will find a possible solution for all your tool-related queries and requirement.  Serving the aviation industry for more than 20 years, Henchman has set benchmarks in delivering complete tool solutions for any type of repair and maintenance task.

In this post, we will discuss some major benefits of using Knipex tools and how you can experience enhanced productivity and precision in your work.

Connector and Cable Tooling

Electrical engineers and mechanics need to perform various tasks where they have to join subsections of circuits together. They often need to disconnect subsections like power inputs, peripheral connections, and boards which require to be replaced.

At Henchman, you will find an extensive range of connectors and cable tools including Knipex Bootlace crimpers, crimp grip pliers, crimp system pliers, crimping dies for insulates and non-insulated end sleeves. Using all these tools, you can simply perform several crucial repair and maintenance tasks related to electrical circuits. You can explore a wide range of pliers and crimps that will add to your experience and will help you to deliver absolute perfection in your day-to-day repair tasks.

Insulated Tools

Being an electrical engineer or mechanic, you need to deal with several risky electrical circuits and connections where there is a constant risk of electrocution. Using high-quality Knipex insulated tools will give you complete safety in operating electrical lines. You will get a wide range of Knipex Crimpers and some other tools at Henchman including cable shears, conductor holding, extension drives, multi-grip pliers, slip-on caps, ratchet, screwdrivers, and torque wrenches. The multiple layers of high-quality plastic and rubber will give you assured protection against any kind of electrical current.

Knipex Pliers 

A pier is the most commonly used hand tool by every electrician or mechanic when it comes to performing different maintenance tasks in electrical cables and circuits. When it comes to bending or compressing a wide range of materials including electrical wires, Knipex Cobra pliers are of immense importance in performing any task with firm grip. Henchman offers various categories in pliers where you can find circlip pliers, combination pliers, plastic cutters, Knipex Alligator pliers, cutting pliers, duckbill pliers, electronic long nose pliers, side cutters, end cutters and many more types of exclusive quality pliers.

Knipex Wire Strippers

Electricians and mechanics often need to remove insulation from electric wires. Wire strippers are small hand-held tools which offer immense functionality in dealing such type of tasks on a daily basis. Explore some best manual and automatic wire strippers at Henchman which will provide you immense functionality. When it comes to cutting or adjusting electrical cables, these wire strippers are of great help for electrical mechanics. 

You will find extensive range of wire strippers a Henchman including Knipex multi-strip automatic insulation stripper, self-adjusting insulation strippers, and Striping tweezers for coated wires. Get complete control over your day-to-day repair and inspection tasks with these high-performing wire strippers.

Knipex Toolkits

You can also choose to order some advanced and exclusive range of Knipex toolkits from Henchman. These toolkits come in shock-resistant plastic cases to ensure complete safety while using it. These toolkits contain some highly advanced Knipex tools for any work related to electrical installations. These lightweight toolkits are much preferred by some professional electricians and mechanics who work for several different organizations.

Explore a wide range of toolkits from Henchman including Knipex Compact tool case, general-purpose toolkits, plumber toolkits, standard tool case, Toolbag 24 part apprentices for electrical contractors, tool case inch –electric-inch 23 parts and many more. So whatever toolkit suits your specific requirements, you can easily pick one for you.

Order Custom-made Toolkits

You just need to visit the official website of Henchman Products where you will get plethora of toolkits and individual tools which you can select as per your specific requirement. However, if you still don’t find an apt toolkit solution for you, you have the choice to order a custom-made toolkit at Henchman.

Just specify your tool requirements and a team of experts at Henchman will work diligently to get the best tools for you. Henchman Products has a proven excellence in offering customized toolkit solutions for various giant airline companies. Get the best toolkit from one of the most trusted toolkit providers in entire Australia and explore your potential to become better than the best. Get an extra edge over your competitors and master the art of performing repair and maintenance tasks for your customers and clients.

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