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Lenticular Prints

Lenticular printing is a mechanical procedure in which lenticular lenses are used to create printed images with an illusion of depth, or the ability to move or change as the image is viewed from certain different angles.

The most important benefit derived from lenticular printing is its speedy set-up and cost-cutting advantages. The set-up time taken is less than 24 hours, allowing maximum flexibility to the client. Once the set-up is done, it can be easily removed and reinstalled whenever required or whenever the client wishes to change the design. Hence, there are no major disruptions in the office routine as such.

Printing process

The printing process also allows a lot of room for experimentation. Any number of design templates can be used to set-up the lenticular printing without any restrictions or limitations. In other words, digital printing can be used not only for corporate purposes but can also be used for home digital printing of photo prints, business cards, etc. The set-up procedures can help one to save both money and time.

Used ink

Since the ink used in this type of digital printing method dries very quickly, it does not require drying time and so produces very crisp images. This makes the final output more clear and free from smudges. The color range of this digital printing method is also wide. It can reproduce almost all colors as compared to other set-up processes like thermal transfer or solvent transfer.


The cost of executing this digital printing method is low. The print quality is high-end and so is the cost. The final product is very attractive and impressive. There are no hassles or problems involved in executing this type of printing. You can do it yourself and control the quality.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits of using this type of printing process compared to any other set-up method. First of all, it can produce a very good quality image at a reasonable price. Secondly, the process is very flexible and easy. Thirdly, the set-up procedures involved are simple and less time consuming, thus making it highly economical.

The Lenticular Printing Cost factor is the main factor which is responsible for making digital printing cost effective. A large number of companies have reduced the cost by using this new modern way of printing. The image quality is high and the cost involved is very less. The colors are also very clear and bright. Also, there is no set-up cost. The image quality can be improved with additional images.

Choose a reliable company

You must choose your printing company carefully after comparing its services. It should be able to execute this process very easily. The process involves various delicate steps and therefore you need a highly experienced team to help you in executing it. It is advisable to go for a digital printing company that has handled numerous printing jobs of varying sizes and complexity.

Set-up cost

The process involves very minimal set-up cost. The image can be printed on any surface including, letter-size paper, A4 cards, glossy magazine, poster size, envelopes etc. The cost is also affected by ink cost and paper used. If a large volume of the print is required, then it will require a minimum set up cost and this can further be increased if the required materials are available with the digital printing company. You can obtain the quotes from as many as 20 digital printing companies offering these services in your area and can compare them to get an idea of the cost involved.

The paper used is also very important and should be well researched to know about the cost. It should be strong and can withstand the heat. This process is mostly used for business cards and brochures, where the color contrast and vividness are necessary. The cost can also be determined by the type of material used and the thickness.

There are various ways to design the Lenticular Prints. A client can choose between the static brochure and the 3D lenticular prints. The static ones are easily folded and kept away and hence they do not occupy much space. They have a good look and are ideal for indoor usage. However, the 3D lenticular print is more expensive than the static ones. They are made to order and take around ten days to be completed.

To conclude

There are a number of printing companies who offer digital printing services at a very competitive price. The cost is based on the design and quality of the print, which has been evaluated before the work starts. The price can be reduced if there is some additional work like a logo or custom lettering. It is important to work with the experienced and reputed digital printing companies to get the best results at the lowest cost.

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