Leaving The Asphalt Paving Job To The Professionals

asphalt paving

When it comes to asphalt paving it is imperative to the integrity of the project to have it done by professionals. Bowers Asphalt & Paving, Inc. has been in business since 1946. The professionals know how to properly assess the viability of installation in any given weather condition.

The weather plays an important part in how well the paving project will go. However, it is not as simple as that. There are a lot of factors that come to bear on whether the weather well delay an asphalt paving project. It is not as simple as going outside and gazing up at the sky. Professionals should always be utilized when it comes to laying down asphalt.

What Weather Event Is The Biggest Enemy of an Asphalt Paving Project?

When it comes to inclement weather, believe it or not, rain is a huge problem. Paving is more difficult because rain may separate the oil from the asphalt mixture. Contractors generally use hot mix asphalt when completing a project. Hot mix asphalt is made from asphalt cement (which is made from crude oil) combined with gravel, sand, and stone. If asphalt is installed during rain, while it may not be readily visible that the oil has separated – there will be problems. Later on cracks and holes will be evident. Also, the hot mix which is generally 300? will begin cooling too quickly in the rain. As a result, the bond with the surface will be compromised and compaction will not be ideal. In short, paving projects should not be completed in the rain.

Care Must Be Taken With Paving Projects Done In Colder Weather

Asphalt paving projects done in cold weather must be completed with caution. The professionals at Bowers Asphalt & Paving, Inc understand the importance of all factors coming together. The hot mix asphalt should be no less than a certain temperature before it is applied to the surface. Weather components that come to bear even in cold weather include how cold the ground or application surface is, as well as how hot the sun is on that paving project day. A colder ground surface will cause the hot mix asphalt to cool quickly. The sun will stave off some cooling. Other matters to consider include how thick the application is going to be. This is called the “lift”. You can imagine that a 5-inch paving project that will cool at a slower rate than a one-and-a-half-inch lift. Professional asphalt pavers will take all of these matters into consideration when installing. Asphalt paving contractors pay special attention to the weather for this reason. Making certain that the project is done at the ideal time is critical for how well the asphalt project will endure. Starting off right is of paramount importance

Bowers Has A Lot Of Experience In Getting It Right The First Time

Clients are valued including both private residential customers, and commercial enterprises. However, they do not have the know how to understand when an asphalt project should be completed. Bowers Asphalt & Paving is staffed by experienced contractors who have laid the foundation of being in business for nearly 80 years.

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