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Roadside Assistance App

A few days back one of my friends Hridesh was traveling on the highway and suddenly his car broke down. The engine had been totaled due to some internal combustion. He gave me a call and I went to his rescue. I was at that place within half an hour. The next important and cumbersome task at hand was finding a towing company that would provide satisfactory services at affordable rates. The company we found was just too pricey and took 2 hours to reach our stranded location.

Hridesh had to pay such a high amount just because he didn?t have any other option that would work for him. He wished there was a more dedicated and budget-friendly service, something like an Uber for towing and roadside assistance. This made us switch to the roadside assistance app called ?Honk? that provides assistance on-demand.

This blog sheds light on services provided by roadside assistance apps like Honk, the features required to build one, and how we can assist in creating one for you. Let?s get to it!


Honk is a US-based company that provides roadside assistance for all your car-related issues such as flat tires, out of gas, locked keys in the car, dead battery, and so on. The app works as an on-demand service like Uber but for roadside assistance.

Recently, as declared by Techcrunch, Honk raised funding worth 18 million USD in its new round of funding. The company shared its plans on investing these funds in creating its network of 75, 000 towing trucks and roadside assisters. They also want to introduce new services for fleet managers, insurers, and manufacturers. 

Just like Uber, ?Honk? has created an app that allows users in need of roadside assistance to connect with nearby service providers. The company connects the user and service providers using a mobile, tablet, or web services. Honk has found a solution to any of the problems that you might face on the road. 

The roadside assistance or towing services were not that prevalent as a business opportunity until Honk came and changed it all. Honk designed the needed platform for towing companies and helped connect them with the users making the service easily accessible. This shift has added to the ease and convenience of the users and is generating significant revenue for the company.

As of today, the services provided by Honk can be enjoyed around Oregon, Illinois, Florida, Ohio, Washington, and Arizona. And as mentioned on the website, Honk is also a proud member of the Towing and Recovery Association of America.

Today, when you need food or a taxi, you have an app that brings you your required product or service instantly. But what if you need a towing service? Honk has created a roadside assistance app that can help you with the same. Let?s take a look at the essentials of creating an app similar to Honk.

How Creating a Road Assistance App like Honk Benefit You?

The world has taken the technology train and companies are using it to their benefit. Today no matter what business you do the need for staying updated with tech is mandatory. Your online presence is the only way that can get your business the traffic and quick recognition it needs. But apart from an online presence, you?d also need your mobile app to connect the service providers with the consumers.

There are two ways of going about this, either you can create platforms that aggregate other towing and roadside assistance service, providers. Or you can create a dedicated platform for your own towing business. In a nutshell, the prior app would work like Uber for numerous service providers while the latter would work like a private Pizza ordering app offered by chains such as Domino?s and Pizza Hut.

The app will follow the same structure as other on-demand platforms. You would need 3 modules of the same app i.e. app for customers, service providers, and the Admin. Let?s have a look at what features should be included in each of the modules.

Customer App Features:

Registration/ Sign-in. This is the most conventional part of using any service. A feature for user authentication.

Booking & Tracking. A user would have to make a booking of the service provider they need, know their service rates and the likes. Also, the tacker would help bring the service providers to the user?s location.

Advanced Search. The feature allows users for various assistance services in the nearby areas i.e. for a flat tire, battery problems, engine problems, and much more.

Secure Payment Gateways. As users would require assistance on the road, the amount of cash they?re holding may not be enough. Also with the incoming of Fintech apps, numerous payment options can be made available to the users.

Notifications. Push notifications form an important part of an app as they provide their users with important information on their current bookings, service in progress, and information related to future updates or discounts. 

Service Provider App Features:

Registration. The vendors who want to provide their services using the app should be able to register themselves on the platform.

Booking Dashboard. It is the vendor?s decision to accept or reject a particular booking. They should be allowed to accept or reject a booking as per their resource availability.

Real-Time Tracking. As the user can be anywhere, real-time tracking becomes one of the most important features for vendors to track the users. 

Payment Processing. This feature would take care of all the online payments made by the users.

Notifications. The vendor should be able to receive instant notifications on the bookings or cancellations made by the user.


Here, we learned how the online towing or roadside assistance business can also become a profitable venture, the services they provide and the features required to develop an app for the same. If you?re inclined on creating an app like Honk, I am sure our company can be of some assistance to you.

We are a professional IT service company that has created numerous on-demand apps for our users. We have all the necessary resources such as an experienced development team and design team, project managers, content specialists, designers, and many more talented individuals necessary for such a project.

As for the process we follow, we use the ?Agile-Scrum? methodology to create our projects. We offer our clients a transparent development process and the most affordable rates. If you have budget constraints we also recommend MVP Development. 

Our company is a one-stop solution for all your technical needs. We offer complete services starting from the inception of your idea to its launch.

Need to get in touch? Just fill the free consultation form on our website and we?ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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