5 Benefits Of Learning English With A Native Teacher

Learning English With A Native Teacher

After years of studying English, it is normal for students to hit a plateau in the learning process. To improve to the next level of fluency, a student would need to learn to communicate with a native speaker. A native speaker is someone who can speak the language of their homeland with ease.

Throughout their entire life, these individuals communicate, write, and read in their native tongue.

The best place to start is to find an English learning centre. The student should look for a Native English teacher that they can connect with, and have at least a TEFL certificate as apart of their credentials. The best countries to teach English abroad without a degree are Cambodia, Spain, Costa Rica, Argentina, Mexico, and Russia.

Benefits Of Learning With An English Native Speaker


English can be complicated when trying to speak the language if it is filled with an accent. In a classroom, a teacher can introduce a student to what certain words should like. However, the best way to solve this issue and perfect an English accent is to practice with a native speaker. Only by using daily conversation as a tool, can someone get the opportunity to listen and imitate an English speaker. It is not enough to have a non-native speaker to communicate with a student with spoken English. It is because the non-native teacher still has an accent from their home country.

Not only will this improve the student’s pronunciation, but also their listening abilities. Often what happens when hearing an English conversation for the first time, the listener gets completely confused because the natives are speaking too fast. Over time as the student speaks to their native teacher, not only will these problems cease, but their overall confidence in speaking will improve as well.

Access To The Everyday English Word Bank

When studying English alone, a student is studying a multitude of words to gather as much information as possible. However, not every word is used in every conversation. Speaking with a Native Speaker will allow a student to discern which words are most useful in an everyday English conversation. This would lead to familiarizing oneself with common words as well as English slang and idioms.

The Culture

Not only does a student get the opportunity to learn English at a higher level, but also understand the culture a lot more. Speaking with a Native English Speaker opens for a more intimate and meaningful conversation that can range from politics to favourite Netflix shows.

Fun Experience

Learning English with a native speaker makes the experience a lot more enjoyable than sitting in a classroom and reading a textbook. As a student comes to enjoy and have more fun learning the language, learning will come faster and naturally. It will expand their vocabulary, and expose different grammar rules in their English lessons.

Practice Often

A student that wishes to learn English has to speak it often. By speaking with a native whose English skills are better, they can correct certain areas that need improvement. On a daily basis, students are often are not surrounded by people who speak English. Therefore, in that time period, the student is not learning any new information or improving their skill set. In fact, a student that learns English with a Native teacher learns than a student who learns alone. These areas include pronunciation, confidence, and knowing the average English slang. In other words, practice makes perfect.

The Overall Experience With A Native

Becoming proficient in any language takes a lot of effort. However, it is always worth it in the end. By learning English with a native teacher, a student will be able to use that skill to advance further in their career and future relationships. The first step is to find a Native English who does teach English abroad. All that’s left is to practice conversing daily with the teacher and before long the student will improve drastically in their English abilities.

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