5 Essential Tips To Help You Learn Chinese Faster And Better

learn chinese faster and better


Are you moving to China for work or travel? Are you considering learning Chinese to make the trip more fruitful and pleasurable? As China is emerging as a global economic hub, more and more people are travelling or migrating to the country. It only makes sense that the number of people eager to learn Chinese is growing by the day.       

Chinese is indeed a difficult language to learn. Several alphabets and characters are there which take time to learn. This is why you should be careful while at a Chinese language Centre in Singapore. You will need tutors who can help you perfect the official language Mandarin. Nevertheless, no matter how reputed an institute you choose, you have to put in the effort yourself. In this article, we have discussed some tips you can follow to perfect your Chinese.

Decide the level of difficulty – 

If you are new to learning Chinese or Mandarin, it is advisable to enrol yourself in a basic Mandarin course. There are mainly two ways of learning mandarin. One is the traditional version and another is a simplified one. The simplified version is widely accepted across China as well as abroad.  Most Chinese language centres in Singapore use the simplified version to teach. After you have mastered the basic skill you can go ahead and learn advanced Chinese. 

Invest enough time with plenty of resources to build a strong foundation – 

Learning a language requires time and patience. It is even more relevant for such a difficult language as Mandarin. Initially, you have to invest a lot of time and effort to build a strong foundation. Any non-native speaker will find it difficult to learn as the tones will feel completely alien to them. For mastering mandarin, you will need to learn the basic tones. You need to put an enormous amount of effort into learning to speak and write in Chinese. 

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Find non-native speakers and talk with them – 

Interacting with people is the best way to learn any language. You can make friends with fellow learners at the basic Mandarin course. Practice with them as they are also going through the learning process. You will not hesitate in front of them as they too won’t be perfect. This will also be an enthusiastic endeavour as you can learn and rectify yourselves together.

Listen to Chinese programs and music as much as possible – 

If you want to learn in a fun way, listening to Chinese music and watching dramas are your best bet. This will help broaden your vocabulary outside the classroom. This will help with not only speaking but also your listening skills. Choose a series or even a cartoon of your choice and start watching it. Once it feels gripping enough you can go on watching more.

Set your browser to Chinese – 

Another fun way is to change your browser and phone settings to Chinese. It will compel you to read and use more characters of the same language. You can even interact with other native or non-native Chinese speakers over social media.

Take the mandarin exam to check your ability – 

There is an exam to test Chinese language skills held in China and abroad. Among the six difficulty levels, the first will need you to know only 150 characters. This exam is also mandatory if you are looking forward to getting admission to any Chinese university.


In short, you cannot master the language unless you work hard. You will indeed need to find a reputable Chinese language Centre in Singapore to get started. From there onwards, all you need will focus and practice. 


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