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Learning 3D animation from B.Sc animation colleges like Hi Tech Animation is apt for youngsters who aspire to create magic and substantiate their vivid imagination in the virtual platform. It is no news that the demand for animation artists from India has been increasing rapidly for quite a while. There is a potential for further growth since animation giants like Disney are choosing to outsource the animation works to India.

Why choose Hi-Tech Animation?

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The advantage of pursuing B.Sc animation from Hi-Tech Animation is that this all-encompassing degree course does much more than simply grooming students and training them to become highly skilled animation artists. This institute gives the students a rare gift vital for animation artists – the gift of live studio exposure. Hi-Tech Animation is the only institute in Eastern India to own a sprawling and futuristic animation studio. Working in live projects, the hands-on training offered by Hi-Tech Animation is a great reason to choose this institute. The knowledge of 3D lighting and rendering in Maya, Texturing in Photoshop and Maya channelize the latent talents in each student. The 100% placement facility is another reason that makes Hi-Tech Animation the best animation institute.

How can live studio exposure help 3D animation students?

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Animation is not a theoretical subject. It requires practical implantation of the most fantastic ideas. Live studio exposure is the only way for aspiring students to understand the fine details and technical aspects of working in the animation field. Each student at Hi-Tech Animation receives hands-on training on live projects in the institute owned world class animation studio. A thorough knowledge of the modern software and plug-ins also help them stay miles ahead of others.

Hi-Tech Animation has provision for a 3 years B.Sc in animation degree course. This degree is awarded by the prestigious MAKAUT University. The students taking up B.Sc in animation from Hi-Tech Animation learn topics like:

1.    Graphic designing

2.    Modern corporate branding

3.    Character animation for film and games

4.    Advanced modelling and texturing

5.    3D art

6.    Pass composition

7.    Cinematic lighting and rendering

8.    Post production

The Hi-Tech Animation students are provided with premium knowledge on topics like

·         Colour Theory and Psychology

·         Design Storyboard and Animatics

·         Digital Media Design

·         Designing for Print Media

·         Character Designs and Concept Art

·         Typography and Font Designing etc.

Knowledge on animation industry relevant software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Autodesk Maya, After Effects, Illustrator, CorelDraw and InDesign is an added advantage.

Career prospects:

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Studying in Hi-Tech Animation prepares students to face the interviewers at the renowned animation houses with confidence. The students pursuing B.Sc in animation can avail the following job posts:

·         Background Artist: They paint the background of the characters in the project.

·         Scanner Operator: They clean up the artist’s drawings.

·         StoryBoard Artist: They visualize a series of events from one frame to another.

·         Image Editor: An image editor systematically brings together the different audio visual components of an animation film.

·         Texture Artist: They create a surface for the 3D modelled characters, objects or the background.

·         Key frame animator: They draft the pictures of a character’s movements from the starting to the end.

·         Character animator: They employ technology to bring characters to life.

To conclude, taking up B.Sc in animation from Hi-Tech Animation offers students endless opportunities.

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