How to Style: Layered Necklaces

Fashion trends come and go with each season, but jewellery layering has been the number one trend for the past couple years. Layering is the new go-to style to make a statement, from daily wear to a night-out. Layered necklaces have fast become the most popular trend and have been spotted on many celebrities and influencers. If you’re new to layering and want to indulge in the style, we’ll show you the basics of how to style them and some of our favourite combinations. Get inspired by these necklace combos to build your own layered look!

Pick your lengths

To start layering necklaces, you first need to figure out your lengths. While layering is personal to your own style, length is extremely important so you can show off each necklace properly. You don’t want to cover up one necklace another or distract from the others by making it too messy.

We recommend starting with a necklace tight to the neck like a collar or a choker. Once you have this as a starter, pair it with a pendant or locket necklace to fill the chest area. Finally, top it off with a long necklace, like a matinee or opera for a bit of extra length.

This allows you to mix and match styles, textures and colours without having to worry about lengths or too much clutter. With these lengths as a base, you can then decide on the type of necklaces you want in your combo – take a look at some of our suggestions below if you need some inspiration.

Mix & Match with Pendants

When it comes to pendants, more is more and we love layering them! Combine different style pendants together for unique and colourful layers that’s completely personal to you. Think different symbols, gemstones, words and lockets. For some extra inspiration, try a gemstone pendant necklace and a choker with an initial charm hanging from it, a coin necklace (very fashionable during the Summer) and more. These three styles are all popular ways of styling necklaces today, especially in layers.

Keep it cool with Chains

Chains are never out of place in any layering stack and a short choker chain should always be the first layer in your necklace combo. Even though chains have it all – texture, colour and style – they’re the perfect piece to make a stack look cooler and more casual. For something simple, relaxed and perfect for every day, pick a layering look made of chains. For these chains, pick different metals like sterling silver and yellow or rose gold, and different chain sizes, ranging from tight small links to big circular chains. This also gives you a chance to delve into body chains! While body chains are typically associated as a pretty accessory over a swimsuit or bikini, you can add a bit of bling and sparkle to your everyday by layering over a tank or crop top.

Make it easy with lariat or 3-tiered necklaces

If you want something easy but still want to indulge in the layering trend, you can cut corners with necklaces that already look layered. Lariat and 3-tiered necklaces already give you a layering look with their original stacked style. Combining these with an extra choker or pendant makes the combination look more complex and structured. To make it even easier, if you have a super long necklace you can double or triple it up for multiple layers – using just one chain!

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