Make Billions By Launching Gojek Clone All-inclusive Delivery App

Do you have the Entrepreneurial gene in you? Do you want to become the first Millionaire of your Family? Then your soul partner is the Gojek Clone’ Delivery App! It will turn out to be one of the best Christmas Business Ideas of yours! It is such an auspicious occasion that people across continents celebrate it with so much love and happiness. People are shopping online and ordering Christmas Gifts for their near and dear ones.

App like Gojek is very utilitarian in nature. It offers 70+ On-Demand Services of which Transport and Logistics constitute the biggest Chunk. Start Small but Dream Big! This App will single-handedly manage and ensure timely delivery of Food, Groceries, Medicines, Stationeries, Parcels, Bottled Water, Flowers, Medical Marijuana, Wine and even your Wife’s favourite Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.


The App User has to login just once to have instant direct access to a myriad of Delivery Services rendered through one single platform! The App User can also hire a dependable and trustworthy Personal Shopper to run errands on their behalf!


Adele Burton from British Descent had fallen in love with her batchmate Robert Parker eight years ago while studying Econometrics and Quantitative Economics from Harvard University in the United States of America. They got married early on this year and have settled down in the Wellington-Harrington neighbourhood of Cambridge City, Massachusetts. It is his hometown; it is here that Robert was born and brought up. And he is the Fifth Generation living in their Ancestral Home at 875 Cambridge Street!

Gojek Clone

He has forgotten his ID Card and MacBook back at home

Robert works for the United States Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) as a Research Economist. This morning, after having his favourite breakfast Bacon and Eggs he left for work early because of an important presentation! In less than 6 minutes, he reaches the Bureau but is unable to walk through the Main Door because he didn’t have his ID Card to swipe through the Door!

He opens his Gojek Clone App and hires a Delivery Runner. He instructs the Delivery Runner Arnold to swiftly go fetch his MacBook and ID Card from his Ancestral Home and come back to the BEA at earliest!

In less than 10 minutes, Arnold is back at the Bureau with the ID Card and MacBook in which he had made Important Presentations for the Day! Robert pays US $23.1 using his Card and thanks Arnold for his Service

The Amount has directly gone to the Bank Account of the App Owner. With Pending Status in the Payments Page on the Admin Panel, the App Owner is yet to give money back to Delivery Runner after deducting 5% Commission from the Total Bill.

The App Owner has earned the Commission of US $1.155 from this Trip. He deducts this amount from the Total Bill and gives back $21.945 to the Delivery Runner Arnold through Bank Transfer. This is how the App Owner Settles the Payment.

She hires Personal Shopper to buy Medical Marijuana

Her Mother-In-Law Cheryl is in Stage IV of Blood Cancer where her Blood Platelets have suddenly dropped to alarmingly low levels. The Cancerous Cells have begun affecting the Lungs and she is suffering from acute Anaemia.

Cheryl’s Oncologist has prescribed Medical Marijuana for her to help ease the Pain and Nerve-Numbness.

Adele uses her Multi Service App like Gojek to hire a Delivery Genie or Personal Shopper who’d run errands on behalf of Adele. She instructs the Delivery Genie Willow to go Revolutionary Clinics Medical Marijuana Dispensary Cambridge and buy Medical Marijuana Buds as prescribed by the Doctor.

She chooses Cash as Mode of Payment.

Willow reaches the Cannabis Store and clicks pictures of the Medical Marijuana Buds and uploads it on the App. Adele verifies it and asks Willow to buy it on her behalf. Willow pays US $400 for an ounce of Marijuana Buds. And is back at the Ancestral Home in 5 minutes!

Adele pays US $418.7 to the Delivery Genie Willow in Cash. US $400 for the Medical Marijuana Buds and $18.7 for her Delivery Services!

Delivery Genie Willow owes 10% of US $18.7 to the App Owner as Commission. She pays $1.87 to the App Owner via the In-App Wallet!


Launch Gojek Clone Delivery App and become the most Successful Entrepreneur of this Decade! Go live with your own App in a record 7 days with GojekClone! GojekClone is a Licensed White-Labelling Company of Global Repute that has launched more than thousands of Apps in the last couple of years itself. Also, their After-Sales Support is Phenomenal! They’ll give you 1 Year Free Support for Bugs that may show up in their Code and also Free Annual Upgrades according to the Package chosen! 

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