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Last year brought a lot of anomalies into our lives. As COVID-19 doesn’t seem to have stopped, e-commerce has become increasingly popular with brands and has become a new normal for customers. Nowadays the display of soap products in the store is no longer a problem. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to pay attention to the product packaging. In the era of e-commerce, soap brands have to put a lot of effort into standing out from the crowd.

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The packaging design and graphics for soap are too important Try to use major creative design trends. It ensures customers that their e-commerce packaging remains relevant to consumer needs. The packaging is not just a sales tool; it helps build a strong soap brand image. Let’s see the major trends which you can see in the soap packaging industry.

More Protective Packaging

The overall demand for protective packaging has increased. Due to the flattening measures, e-commerce orders will increase significantly by 2020. This means that more items will be transported overall and shoppers appreciate packaging to protect the goods they purchase from elements and possible viruses. Whether you sell products via retail or e-commerce, this is a positive design trend. With the advent of 2021, companies should prioritize the design of e-commerce packaging.

It should be robust and durable, can be transported for a long time, and should cover as many physical products as possible. Is your current packaging strong enough to bear the additional shipping costs? Does your current packaging expose some parts of your product to these elements?

Hyper-Simplistic Geometry in Soap Boxes

In 2021, you will come across bold geometric shapes, clean lines, sharp angles, and expressive colors. It gives the packaging design some advantages (literally). Just like the pattern trend, this trend allows consumers to get an idea of ​​the meaning of the product.

However, unlike the models and illustrations depicting the contents of the box, these designs are very abstract. It may be simpler when you will see it at first glance. But it’s an incredibly influential method for brands to leave a lasting impression.

Be a Storyteller of Soap Boxes for Packaging

In 2021, people spend their time boringly, always looking for something fascinating. You can pique people’s interest by choosing charming soapboxes and broadcasting stories to customers. When customers stay home, give them something new and interesting. Storytelling is a way to attract customer participation; this year will be more important. As a soap brand, you need to come up with a design that can show and tell your brand’s story. You can display illustrations, graphics, and characters to show your identity and your work. This will help arouse positive emotions during this boring time.

Clear Topography of the Boxes

The shorter they spend indoors, the greater the chance of avoiding exposure to COVID-19. Therefore, the packaging design will be made quite according to the customer demand to facilitate quick and easy purchases by the end of 2021. Graphic design is an important element that can help solve this challenge and promote brand awareness. 

It is quite easy to see the clear fonts from a distance. It especially becomes convenient when combined with complementary color palettes. The vibrant color scheme helps the package design grab the attention and identify them as necessary items before purchase. Difficult-to-read characters require more effort to be recognized by the customers. If your product was purchased in a store, avoid reading garbled characters. When typography becomes the focus, you can usually give consumers a preview of the product in the box. 

Anatomical and Technical Ink Illustration for Detergent Boxes

The upcoming packaging trend in 2021 looks more like an art gallery than a commercial graphic design. In addition to eye-catching geometric shapes and tactile textures, you will also see astonishing soap products that you like. These will soon become the most popular, which are full of designs as if they are drawn from anatomical drawings or engineering projects. Maybe it’s because 2020 forces us to slow down and reevaluate what’s worth doing. It may be a response to the years where minimalism dominated packaging design for many years. Either way, be prepared to see more designs with incredible detail that look hand-drawn and inked for an ancient scientific publication.

Precious and Attractive Gift Wrapping Paper for Soap Boxes

Packaging will be an awesome choice for wrapping soap gifts on various occasions, which is the most popular baby shower activity. Depending on the purpose of the event and the gift, these boxes will be printed with special designs and themes.  Modern technology and tools can help users create creative works of art on these boxes to express their praise for soap products. Gift wrapping is a clever and wise combination of modern art, materials, and logos. It helps to convey the brand’s professional message to the public. Therefore, the bespoke color design on the packaging always attracts customers, enough to extend your love to the baby shower.

Offer an Innovative Design Language for Soap Packaging

Once you have established a soap brand, you can try various soaps of different shapes and designs. At this stage, people will have an understanding of the products your brand offers. You can maintain their interaction with the brand by changing the packaging design language. The next time they visit the same shop, they will be surprised by the new packaging box design for soap. Sealed end, folded end, and reverse folded end are some styles that can be used for packaging the soap. These styles will also make your packaging unique.

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