Latest 2021 WordPress development trends

A huge crowd has chosen WordPress Development Company to gain hands-on the best Content Management System. What does any website owner expect from WordPress development? Getting a platform that runs smoothly and engages users effortlessly is a blessing for website owners. They want to update the websites with the trends in the market and grab the right opportunities.

Why choose WordPress Development for your website?

It is a popular Content Management System that has is currently empowering over 75 million websites. Being free to install, upgrade, and deploy, it is proven to be cost-effective. WordPress Developers can easily add new functionalities using free or paid plugins available in the market.

hire wordpress developers.

Some more reasons to convince you why WordPress is the right choice:

1.    A popular CMS around the globe

It holds the largest market share in the market as a Content Management System. According to Google Trends, you can view its usage worldwide:

Image Source: Google Trends

2.    Open Source Platform

It can be a self-hosted platform, which means users don’t have to pay for downloading, upgrading, and installing. Any WordPress Development Company Melbourne can help establish the best plugins from the wide range of available plugins.

3.    High Customization

It helps developers to meet the client’s expectations as this platform provides great flexibility. WordPress developers and designers can easily modify the layout of the website.

4.    Easy learning curve

Even the non-tech savvy can use WordPress development. Many components of the user interface are easy to use. At the same time, some elements can be used by going through the detailed documents provided online.

5.    Cost-Effective setup and maintenance

This open Content Management System is one of the lowest costs when it comes to maintenance. It is also easier to find an experienced WordPress development company in the market.

Now, Let us see the latest trends that you should not miss:

Video Background

You might have noticed videos playing in the background of many websites. This trend is predicted to be increasing in the upcoming years. Adding videos in the background will engage users for a longer interval and reduce bounce rates.

Minimalistic Themes

Usage of mobile-friendly and minimalistic themes helps in avoiding clusters on your websites. The flat graphics and white space maintain ease of navigation on the website.

Adding Artificial Intelligence

While using digital platforms, you will have an encounter with Artificial Intelligence. This technology has proven to be the most significant technological game-changer in the digital world. It would be best to have profound insights and analytics to improve your website and handle new possibilities in the market.

Live Chat Bots

This is a handy tool that allows organizations to provide instant support to visitors. Online users might have noticed a lot more live support and chatbots, which are readily available. This feature enables to handle issues and provide the best solution faster. It will increase user engagement and give a smooth experience on your WordPress website.

Voice Search Feature

Currently, more users are performing online searches using the voice assistant. People are using voice commands on various platforms as it saves time and effort. It is the best opportunity to provide a voice search feature on your website and make it easier for visitors. Just integrate long-term keywords. The content must have a tone of communication, as people will be asking questions and looking for relevant solutions.

Multipurpose themes

This allows WordPress Development Sydney to build any style and type of website. These WordPress themes have widened the scope of online platforms. Having modern and easy customization with the help of a plugin bundle.

Module-Based Themes

This integrates the knowledge domain module, which is related to real-world businesses. These themes will enable users to call functions when needed. This is a perfect blend of advanced functions for the website.

Drag-and-Drop Functionality

The most significant trend in the market which is followed during many WordPress development process. This will help beginners who do not have the technical knowledge to create, update and maintain the website without need of hire wordpress developers.

E-commerce features

This is playing an essential role in generating revenue and gain profits in the market. E-commerce websites are one of the easiest methods to sell your products and services to consumers. With the growing industry, you will find enhanced functionalities for e-commerce platforms.

Parallax Effect

This is becoming one of the most significant trends in 2021. This feature helps in giving a pleasant experience to the visitors. Adding parallax effects in the background means users will see different sections as they scroll on the website. This helps in adding great visual impressions and gain conversion rates.


This is a data visualization tool that helps to create charts and maps to deliver content. This is widely used by newsrooms, marketing, bloggers, and educational institutions. WordPress has many plugins to support this functionality and provide essential data rapidly to visitors.

Wrapping it up!

WordPress Development company is slowly becoming the system of choice when you need unique features and functionalities. To run a website smoothly, you can never miss the latest trends in the market as these are playing a vital role in making your website more engaging and user-friendly. 

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