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ILD is well known real estate developers in Delhi-NCR & Gurgaon which has set a benchmark on how to come up with innovative ideas to deal with existing crisis during pandemic. The company took effective steps to gauge homebuyer?s preferences and planned its residential projects accordingly to deliver quality along with customer satisfaction. Moreover, it?s still working diligently to innovate and strategize its further residential and commercial projects with a growth trajectory for providing affordable and comfortable residents to people in Delhi-NCR.

Modern Engineering 

This remains the best part of ILD as all its projects whether residential or commercial are backed well by robust engineering methodologies. Equipped with all contemporary technologies and tools, the engineering framework is efficient enough to cater even the most challenging on-field operations related to sewer, water, telephone lines, electricity supply and transportation. The team collaboration with architectures and engineers brings out the best possible solutions for delivering suitable and innovative ideas for developing every single facility which can offer comfort and convenience to its customers. Its extraordinary engineering mechanism paves way for every challenging site to be transformed into a peaceful dwelling place. 

Making best use of Available Land

Architectures are dedicated enough come up with best design over a piece of land which is provided to them for any residential purpose. Dealing wisely with the intersections and offering best solutions to incorporate storm water management and sewage issues makes ILD distinct from other developers who often try to be very tactful in these regards to save their costs on such issues. Providing standardize distance in housing and creating more lots per acre land is something on which ILD relies completely on its architecting efficiency. Office space in Gurgaon/Sohna road is its current example in this regard.Providing clean lines and open spaces in its all housing and residential projects have really raised a concern for its competitors to worry about.

Exploring Creativity to its fullest

ILD has a proven excellence when it comes to designing and development of its any of the projects. Whether developing commercial shops in Gurgaon or a residential project, designing part makes it distinct from its competitors. The use of backyard along with front portions which lead to convenient access to streets makes it quite comfortable for its buyers to deal with their day-today tasks making the best use of these spaces. Apart from this, providing efficient pedestrian flow with maximized view of corridors allow people to feel like a part of the community when they reside in them. Making best use of the space to offer convenience to its every buyer has enabled ILD to manifest itself as a developer which is much concerned for its customers and this has proven to be a deciding factor in its recent increase in popularity in the Delhi-NCR region. To add a special touch to the warmth, efficient provisions are also made for perfect day-lighting which people can enjoy during the winters. Moreover, the interior aspect of lighting is also taken good care to provide eco-friendly lighting options not only to ligh houses but lives of the people residing in it. 

Verified and Quality materials

From a single stone or brick to plastering cements and stones, every single material utilized in residential project development is tested thoroughly by its engineers and then ordered from authentic wholesale dealers. Shops in Gurgaon are built using the best class material. This makes a reduction in overall prices and brings the construction cost up to a minimum. Moreover, the aesthetics and interiors in the houses like kitchen, balcony, bathrooms and everything is so well planned and designed accordingly that it offers complete assurance for a dwelling without any worry. The use of trusted brands in terms of materials is much assured by the team of its engineers and labors are also trained and guided enough to implement right amount of material with perfect quality and quantity. 

The Planning Phase

This is one of the crucial stage before starting with a residential project as you have to ponder over various aspects before providing a house to people which can give them a reason to rejoice their dwelling in it. From the very initial stage, planning and designing goes hand-in-hand and best efforts are made to ensure the perfect implementation of the proposed design. Innovations and creativity are welcomed at every stage with proper rewards which eventually helps in providing state of the art architecture and its effective implementation. The office space in Gurgaon/Sohna road and some of its other residential projects like ILD Greens & ILD Grant depict a perfect class of well-panned infrastructure.

ILD is constantly involved in proper R&D to offer more specialized services in its both residential and commercial projects. Utilizing its experience of more than 15 years in real estate projects, the company has still much to offer people in terms of advanced and innovatively developed housing projects.?

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