Kumara Parvatha Trek

Kumara Parvatha Trek


If you love adventure, the Kumara Parvatha trek is definitely something you should add to your bucket list. Located in the Coorg region of Karnataka, Kumara Parvatha is one of the most thrilling treks that India has to offer. With breathtaking views, a challenging trail and an immense sense of satisfaction once you reach the peak, the trek is a perfect opportunity to test your limits. The journey to the summit is full of surprises and thrills, as you scramble through boulders and make your way up to the peak. This blog post will take you through the thrilling journey of the Kumara Parvatha Trek, giving you all the information you need to make the most out of your experience. From where to start and what to pack to safety tips and the best time to visit, this guide will equip you with all the essentials for a safe and enjoyable trek

Where is it Located ?

Kumara Parvatha Trek is located in the Western Ghats of Karnataka. It is situated in the centre of the Kukke Subramanya, Agumbe and Sringeri region. This region is very rich in its natural beauty, which makes the trek even more picturesque. The highest point of the trek is at an elevation of 1712 metres, making it one of the most challenging treks in South India. Along the way, one can find numerous waterfalls, lush green forests and a variety of wildlife. From the top of the peak, one can enjoy the breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes.

Things to Know about Kumara Parvatha Trek

Kumara Parvatha Trek is a popular trekking route in the Western Ghats of Karnataka. It offers spectacular views of the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary and the surrounding hills. The trail starts from the base camp of Kukke Subramanya and goes through beautiful grasslands and forests. Here are some things to know about the trek:

• Duration:

The trek is a moderately difficult one and takes about 8-10 hours to complete.


• Clothing:

Comfortable clothes, trekking shoes, a cap, sun-glasses, warm clothes is recommended for the trek.


• Food:

 Food is available at the base camp, but it is advised to carry some snacks and water as the trek can be tiring.

• Safety:

 The trek route is well-marked, but it is advised to go in a group and take the help of experienced guides for the trek


Do’s for Kumara Parvatha Trek:

– Get a full body checkup before starting the trek, as it is a strenuous activity.

– Carry adequate water and food supplies for the trek.

– Wear proper shoes with good grip, as the trekking trail has steep ascents and descents.

– Wear comfortable and lightweight clothes suitable for the weather conditions.

– Carry a first aid kit, insect repellent, sunscreen and a torch.

– Have patience and caution while trekking, as the weather can change suddenly.

– Follow the rules and regulations of the trek and do not litter the landscape.

– Make sure to take plenty of pictures and enjoy the breathtaking views on the trek.

– Reach the summit before sunset to enjoy an amazing view of the Western Ghats.

– Follow the route marked by experts, as there are chances of getting lost


Don’ts while trekking to Kumara Parvatha:

1. Don’t forget to carry a first-aid kit, as it is essential for any kind of emergency.

2. Avoid carrying any kind of plastic items in order to save the environment.

3. Do not attempt trekking if the weather is uncertain or the conditions are not safe.

4. Avoid trekking during the night, especially if you are a beginner.

5. Don’t forget to carry enough water and food for the entire trek.

6. Avoid touching any wild animals or birds that you may come across.

7. Do not try to take shortcuts during the trek. Stick to the paths and trails.

8. Do not litter around in the trekking trails, as it can cause damage to the flora and fauna.

9. Don’t forget to carry a map and compass for navigation.


In conclusion, Kumara Parvatha Trek is an adventure not for the faint of heart but for those looking for an amazing journey. It offers an incredible mix of nature, culture, and wildlife that makes it a unique and remarkable journey. For those looking for a challenging and adventurous experience, Kumara Parvatha Trek is a must-do.

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