Things To Know About Low Maintenance Plants For Your Indoor Home Garden

Indoor gardening has become the new normal for individuals who wish to decorate their homes with greenery and create a positive environment. Indoor household plants have various benefits for the well-being of humans. The most significant advantage that indoor gardening offers is the improved air quality at home. 

You need not worry about taking them along with you even if you plan to relocate to a new place. From moving single/multiple individual plants to moving an entire garden, various packers and movers in India offer quick, easy, and safe relocation of your low-maintenance indoor plants. They will handle the whole plant relocation process from appropriately packing them without harming them and placing them in the truck correctly, ensuring 100% safety of the plants. 

If you are planning to live your life around plants, follow the article to the end for plant suggestions, essential requirements, and benefits of indoor gardening.

Essential Requirements for Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

There are specific requirements of home plants that you must follow to reap health benefits from the indoor plants. Some of them are:


All plants rely on sunlight from the blooming to development stages. Since plants are delicate to the measure of light, you must follow an effective technique to aid plants in getting appropriate light.


Along with the duration of light, water is another essential requirement for plants. All the plants have different water capabilities, and you must know the required water levels for the plant you wish to include in your home garden.


For indoor plants to improve air quality at home, the temperature is another factor that must be considered. If the temperature is not appropriate, converting carbon dioxide and water into oxygen and glucose will be disturbed.


Humidity is essential as it decides the water level that indoor plants need for growth. It is vital to control the plants’ moisture as per the development phases.

Benefits of Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

There are several benefits of home maintaining an indoor garden. The plant relocation services and gardeners ensure that your home garden radiates positivity and peace regardless of the space or area. Some advantages of indoor plants are:

Indoor Plants Improves Air Quality at Home:

Several plant types such as Rubber Tree, Ficus Tree, Boston Fern, and Bamboo freshen the air naturally.

Home Garden Boosts Productivity:

The atmosphere that home gardens create is unmatched. Several studies and experiments have revealed that a home garden elevates the productivity of individuals while working.

Home Garden Reduces Anxiety and Stress:

Anxiety and stress degrade mental energy and increase the feeling of loneliness and negativity. Several indoor plants reduce anxiety symptoms and radiate positive energy in the household. In traditional horticulture therapy, potted plants are used to cure symptoms of depression and other mental stress.

Indoor Plants Fastens Illness Recovery:

Illness recovery and looking at greenery has a direct relationship. Several studies have revealed that looking at plants and flowers shortens the recovery period.

Home Garden Elevates Creativity:

Looking at plants in your home garden has proven effective for artistic individuals. The presence of greenery around the environment increases creativity and commitment to the work.

Remove pests and insects from home:

Some indoor plants are there which helps to remove pests and insects from the house. 

Having a home garden has many benefits and advantages. However, if you are allergic to specific indoor plants, you must pay careful attention to the soil moisture used for plant growth. 

Best Low Maintenance Plants List

This list will mention some of the best low-maintenance indoor plants that are best suited for the Asian climate. The list of best low maintenance plants are:

Aloe Vera:

The benefits of Aloe Vera have been known to human beings since ancient times. It is also called a miracle plant as it has various medicinal properties and is resistant to multiple insects.

Lucky Bamboo Plant:

It is also known as Fu Gwey Zhu. The plant is believed to bring happiness and prosperity to households. The lucky bamboo plant only requires clean water every three days to grow and radiate positivity.

Snake Plant:

Snake plants improve the air quality at home and add external elegance to your house. It is also referred to as Mother in Law’s Tongue.

Money Plant:

There are several varieties of money plants available in the market. The money plant brings fortune, positivity, and prosperity to households. It requires an optimum amount of sunlight, water, and minerals to grow indoors.


Indoor lavender plants repel insects and add fragrance to your home for a mesmerizing experience.

Green Spider Plant: 

Green spider plant is one of the easy to maintain and unique indoor plants that adds a pinch of contrast to your home

Chinese Evergreen:

Chinese Evergreen is a durable household plant that can tolerate low sunlight and humidity without any trouble.

You can start decorating your home garden by growing any of the plants mentioned in the list. If you are planning to relocate to a different location (or moving to a new city altogether), it is advised that you reach out to reliable packers and movers in India for careful handling of the plants.

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