The Trend Of Kitchen Countertops

The kitchen is an important space in every family. Not only does the kitchen need to be clean and beautiful, it also needs comfort and ease of cleaning. Therefore, the materials used in the kitchen are always carefully calculated. In particular, kitchen countertops are one of the most popular materials for their superior aesthetics and facilities. Learn more about this stone and discover the most popular cladding trends in 2021.

What is a kitchen countertop?

Kitchen Countertop

Countertop stone is one of the materials used to build and complete a kitchen. Stone materials can be natural stones or artificial stones. The stone is smooth and smooth with a variety of dimensions. So, in addition to being used as kitchen tables, it can also be used as kitchen tables, kitchen wall tiles.

In terms of properties, depending on each type of rock exploited or manufactured, it will have its own characteristics. However, in general, this material has the advantage of being durable, strong, easy to reinforce and install. The stone is not deformed during use, easy to clean and polish like new. The color of the stone is also rich and suitable for many different kitchen design styles. If you are looking for best kitchen countertops then Riya Impex provide the best kitchen countertops.

Purchase criteria for high-quality kitchen stone

Kitchen Stone

On the market today there are few types of stone worktops. However, to choose to purchase quality products, you should pay attention to a number of criteria as follows:

  • Durability: Natural stone worktops usually have better durability than synthetic stone. In addition, you should pay attention to the purchase of a cladding of moderate thickness, and it should not be so thick that it does not cause a loss of aesthetics, but also should not be too thin and fragile.
  • Color: Currently, the design of kitchen countertops has been improved with many different designs. For the artificial stone line, the stone is varied with many unique finishes. However, in addition to the beautiful kitchen countertop samples, you need to pay attention to the choice of stone color that matches the style of kitchen and furnishing design. In particular, dark stone tiles are still the preferred choice for its luxurious design and ease of cleaning.
  • Price: Currently, quality kitchen countertops such as granite, marble and natural stone are usually very expensive. If your economic conditions are limited, then inexpensive artificial stone kitchen countertops will be the most suitable option. Note that you should still review the selling prices of many different stores and websites to ensure the purchase is at the most affordable prices.

Popular kitchen countertop models in 2021:

White safflower kitchen hood

This is a line of white countertops made of artificial stone material. The stone is pure white, but it is not monotonous. The special feature of this type of stone is the details of the mineral and silver grains evenly spread over the surface of the stone. They create a very luxurious and sophisticated effect, especially when combined with kitchen lights.

Black safflower stone kitchen cladding

Black safflower stone kitchen cladding

The product is one of the beautiful kitchen countertop models, and it leads the current shopping trend. This is a luxury kitchen countertop marble line with special motifs. A black stone background, interspersed with white crystals like stars at night, shimmering and mesmerizing. The design is not only modern, the kitchen also looks cleaner and more luxurious. Additionally, marble also has excellent heat resistance and durability.

Artificial cloudy white kitchen countertops

Artificial cloudy white kitchen countertops

The cloudy white stone belongs to the model of the kitchen table, which is very popular today. The stone surface stands out with subtle white hues mixed with soft gray clouds. The design is light but not monotonous. Thanks to it, the kitchen has become more modern and airy, but no less youthful.

Marble kitchen top with Italian wood grain

Beautiful Kitchen Marble with Italian Wood is a high quality and high aesthetics table top stone. The stone surface has a light brown color with natural wood veins. The stone design is smooth, yet no less luxurious, helping to balance the colors in the overall kitchen architecture. Therefore, this product can perfectly match both modern and neoclassical kitchen styles.

Buy quality kitchen countertops?

Currently on the market there are quite a few addresses that provide stone cladding for consumers to choose from. However, you should prefer large, branded kitchen countertops. Often there are many different models for stone cladding. Prices are specifically listed, along with a pre-eminent guarantee for peace of mind when shopping.

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