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Kiosk Banking: Perform Banking Services Without Visiting Bank

You might have heard about SBI kiosk banking but still, it is not clear to you then this post is going to help. Thus read it till the end. Most of the people are not aware of the kiosk banking. Let me explain in straightforward word a kiosk banking means services offered by the particular bank with the help of technology. Under this facility, you can perform your banking activity without visiting the bank.

It is one of the significant steps taken by RBI (Reserve Bank Of India). It makes the weaker sections of the society eligible for financial services to avail of the credit at a low or affordable cost. It is one of the small internet booths established in a village where customers come and avail of the banking services. 

Kiosk banking offers various services like cash deposit and withdrawal services, along with money transfer and passbook printing. SBI kiosk backing act as a touchpoint for conducting necessary banking facilities. It helps the business owner to improve their customer experience.

SBI Kiosk Banking Registration

The retailer can open the no-frills bank account for the customer by taking their photograph and fingerprint record, along with other necessary documents such as PAN Card, Aadhar Card, Voter Id, and another identity card. While SBI kiosk registration process, you need to have these documents: 

Kiosk banking possesses several benefits. With SBI kiosk banking people can avail various services like:

Importance Of Kiosk Banking Online

In India, a large population of people, especially factory workers and migrant laborers, don’t open a savings account in a bank. They are not even able to begin saving account because they have valid address and ID proof. As a result, they have to face some difficulties in keeping their earning in a safe place and for sending money to their families.

How Retail Will Get SBI Kiosk Banking?

To get register for SBI kiosk banking you require:

To get SBI kiosk banking facilities, a retailer should have a personal computer with internet connectivity along with an office or retail outlet and printer.


To increase your customer base, you need to have kiosk banking facilities. SBI provides the best kiosk banking facilities. SBI kiosk banking not only helpful in increasing customer base but also enables the retails to enjoy bill payment, bus ticket booking along with DTH, and mobile recharge.

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