Killer Hogs BBQ Rub & its recipe

    BBQ Rub

    1. What is BBQ Rub?

    BBQ rub is basically the spice that is used in BBQ. BBQ rub is made with some special spices like paprika, salt, etc. There are many BBQ rubs around the world. BBQ rubs differ from countries to countries.? Like people of America like BBQ with a combination of spice and sweet though people of Asia like more spice in BBQ.?

    2. What is Killer Hogs BBQ Rub?

    As the name suggests ?Killer Hogs BBQ Rub? so its BBQ rub and the most famous BBQ rub that is used in America. This rub brings out the natural flavor of the meat.

    3. ? The history behind killer Hogs BBQ Rub??

    Killer Hogs BBQ rub was basically developed as a competitive BBQ rub by killer hogs championship BBQ team.

    4. The main ingredient of Killer Hogs BBQ rub.?

    The main ingredients that are used in Killer Hogs BBQ rub are given below 

    ? Brown sugar

    ? Salt

    ? Paprika

    ? Chili Pepper

    ? Garlic

    ? Orange peel

    ? Onion powder

    ? Mustard flour

    ? Turmeric

    5. Benefits of using Killer Hogs BBQ rub

    This BBQ rub brings out the best flavor in the meat. The main advantage of BBQ rub is that it is balanced with a special blend of sugar, salt, and other spices. This BBQ rub is best for grilling because it is the mixture of different species and balanced sweetness which gives the best aroma. 

    6. How Killer hogs BBQ rub is different from the other BBQ rub??

    Killer hogs BBQ rub is different from the other Beef BBQ rub because it is a mixture of different species with a little amount of sweetness. The flavor of paprika and chili gives a good spice to the meat.  These two ingredients make the meat so spicy which is the need for BBQ. This rub is different also because there are two sweet ingredients in this rub *Brown sugar* and the other is *Orange peel* which gives a sweetness to meat.  So by the combination of spicy and sweetness makes the Killer Hogs BBQ rub is different from other BBQ rubs. 

    7. How to use Killer hogs BBQ rub.?

    There are two methods to use killer hogs BBQ rub?

    ? First method is to use this rub as a dry rub. First, you have to put a rub on meat for example on the chicken you have to put rub under the skin of chicken so it can get to the meat. After this, you have to mix the rub on chicken for 5 to 10 minutes. 

    ? Second method of using this rub is to make a wet rub.  For making the rub as a wet rub. First, you have to mix the rub with wet substances like oil you can use olive oil or any other cooking oil. After mixing the rub with oil it becomes a ?wet rub?. After this, you have to coat this thick paste on your meat eventually. A wet rub can also add moisture to your meat which keeps the meat from sticking.  


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