6 Things to Keep in the Trunk of Your Car at All Times

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Be Prepared When Driving

It is not uncommon for a driver to get stuck on the road, and if you are without the necessary tools to get yourself to where you need to go safely, you could find yourself in a real pickle. The good thing is, there are essential tools that you should keep in your trunk that are simple to store and they can be lifesavers when you are on the road. The following is a list of six of the most important tools for you to have in your trunk when you are on the road.

#1 Jumper Cables

One of the principal reasons why people end up stranded on the road is because the car battery dies. This generally happens because a car light is left on or the battery is weak. Even if you need a new battery, you are going to have to get the battery jumped in order to get from one place to the next. You will need another car to jump your battery, but if you have the jumper cables, it makes everything simple.

#2 A Spare Tire

It is quite simple for a tire to blow or get pitched, and it can be extremely serious, so you want to be able to change out the tire if something like that were to happen. In order to change the tire, you have to make sure that you check on your spare tire with regularity. It is common for a person to have a spare tire in their car that is either deflated or dented. Make sure to maintain your spare tire because if it is in bad shape, it will be useless.

#3 A Car Jack

In order to put on your new spare tire, you are going to need a Jack. A Jack is what lifts up your car and it allows you to make the exchange with the tires. Basically, a spare tire is useless without a jack, so make sure that your Jack is close to your spare.

#4 A Lug Wrench

A lug wrench is important, and it should be located with your car jack. If your car did not come with a kit with a lug wrench, you can get grey pneumatic tools. Without having a lug wrench, you are not going to be able to remove your flat tire, and you have to be sure that the lug wrench fits the lugnuts on your tire. You do well to purchase a spare wrench as well just in case the one that you have gets damaged; they are inexpensive.

# 5 A Flashlight

You want to make sure that you have a working flashlight in your car. Flashlights can be used to inspect and repair your car if there is an issue. A head flashlight is a great idea because it allows you to have your hands free while you are doing a repair or inspection. Having multiple flashlights is a great idea as well; just in case you have someone helping you.

#6 A Device for Traction

This is a tool that is extremely important if you live in a place that has snow and ice. You want to have a small shovel, sand, cat litter, or something similar in your trunk for snowy days. If your car gets stuck somewhere and there is no one around, you do not want to be left on the ice. Be sure to keep these traction tools handy in your trunk so that you have one less thing to worry about when you are driving on slippery roads.

Prevention Is Always the Key

Since you are a responsible driver, you realize the importance of having these handy tools in your trunk when you are traveling. The unfortunate thing about accidents is that they are always unexpected, so you want to be able to take preventative measures where and when you can. These tools are all simple to find, and they fit in small areas of your trunk. Make sure that you have these important tools in your trunk at all times in order to avoid serious repercussions because when it comes to driving, prevention is always the key.

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