How To Join Two PST Files In Outlook?

Two PST Files In Outlook

Microsoft is the most loved email client, But also it comes with so many drawbacks. Like in old Microsoft versions, the PST file which stores the Microsoft Outlook data is bounded by the size limitation.

As long as the PST file data increases it will reach the limit. The data might be breached and users may start facing issues like performance decreases and file corruption.

Thankfully Microsoft resolved the issue in recent Outlook versions. But now a new problem is arising. Users who are using old Microsoft Outlook need a way to import all the data into a larger single PST file that can be used in new versions. In this situation, user have to merge their PST files. But the question is how to join two PST files in Outlook. In this blog, we will cover the best methods to merge two PST files.

Why Do You Need to Join Two PST Files in Outlook?

Before we begin, the first question that arises is why would you want to combine multiple Outlook PST files? There are several instances where combining existing PST files into a new data file is the best course of action:

One question that arrives in everyone’s mind is why we need to join two PST files in Outlook. There are various reasons behind the merging of two PST files. 

  • Combining multiple old accounts
  • Merging work and social accounts
  • Creating the backup of existing accounts
  • To receive a file from a family or team member
  • Migrate from one email service to another 
  • Simplify the account management 

Method 1: How to Join Two PST files in Outlook manually?

If you need to join PST files to make a larger file that can be used in the latest Outlook versions. Use the steps that are given below.

  1. Firstly, go to Outlook and click on New items > More items > Outlook data file.
  2. Now select the destination path to save the new PST file and give a name to the file.
  3. Click on file > open > import button. Now an import-export wizard will appear.
  4. Select Import from another program or file option and click Next. 
  5. Now choose the file type to import from and browse to locate the file to be imported.
  6. Click next select the folder which you wish to import and select the Finish button.

Method 2: Copy and Export Outlook Mail Items to a Single PST File

Importing multiple PST files into Outlook and then exporting them is okay. But instead of this user can also open existing files and open all the PST files manually. You can easily copy a file from one PST file to another file to merge all files into a single file.

Follow the steps to copy and export Outlook mail

  1. Firstly, open Outlook then go to file> info> Account settings.
  2. Now click the data file and select the Add option.
  3. Select the path give a name to the file and tap OK.
  4. Now to merge multiple files go to Files> Open & Export> Open Outlook data file.
  5. Select the PST file which you wish to merge and press OK. (you can only open one PST at a time)
  6. Then right-click on the mail folders of expanded PST files and select the copy folder.
  7. Choose the mail folder for the newly created PST file.
  8. Repeat the steps so that you can copy all mail files from the PST files to the New file.
  9. After that copying the mail folders from multiple PSTs to a new file you have a merged PST file.

Note: in the above methods you have to copy and paste a PST one by one which is time-consuming and the chances of loss of your important PST files are high. Instead of using a manual method, you can go for expert suggested method which is easy to use and secure.

Method 3: How to Join Two PST files in Outlook – Using a Professional Tool 

To avoid this hassle and the limitations of the manual method. You can use the advanced SysTools PST Merge Tool to join multiple PST files in one large PST file with integrity. This tool has a user-friendly interface and advanced features to merge PST files.

Key Features of the Automated Tool  

  • It can merge Outlook calendars, Mails, Contacts, Tasks, Journals, and Notes.
  • Delete your duplicate from all the PST files of Outlook while merging.
  • You can choose whether you want to merge or you want to join Two files.
  • You can merge Two files in an existing file or Outlook profile.
  • Comes with an auto search files feature so that you do not need to remember the file path.
  • Merge the password-protected, archived PST, active and network PST files.
  • Advanced options like combining only selected folders to save user’s time and effort.

Final Words:

In this article, we have discussed how to join two PST files in Outlook. And why we need to merge PST files. In the above sections three methods are briefed two are manual methods and one is an automated method. In manual methods, users have to copy and paste every PST file manually and this process is very time-consuming. Instead of following the manual procedure, you can choose the automated method that can help you merge PST files quickly and securely.


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