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Samana IVY Gardens will take your family’s lifestyle to the next level and enjoy a new level of iconic integration together. A place filled with entertainment options where people can relax, fall in love, and have a good time. What you might experience is totally incredible. Samana IVY Gardens Apartments have studio, one-, two-, and three-bedroom with pools are now available in the environmentally-minded. In the city’s most upscale neighbourhood, this 14-story building offers an amazing standard of living. The ideal way of life in this beautiful setting makes it possible for people to lead simple, refined existences. 

IVY Gardens Apartments have superior amenities and services are found throughout the neighbourhood. The location is convenient for getting to the financial districts, the airport, and other major destinations in Dubai. It is a well-liked area since it provides an ideal harmony between urban life and the beauty of nature. Its proximity to Dubai’s primary commercial and financial hubs makes it a desirable option for both working professionals and families. The development’s emphasis on providing residents with cutting-edge conveniences is a major selling point. The project provides everything needed for an active and healthy lifestyle with luxury living. The building where you can discover the heights of luxury,, where residents may swim while taking in panoramic views of the city skyline.


The proposal features a 14-story facade with ground- and podium-level facilities, a leisure pool deck, a rooftop infinity pool, and green parking areas, and a limited selection of 348 luxury apartments with private swimming pools. Try something new, and you’ll be providing a fantastic springboard from which all people can learn and develop. Let your inner child out to play as you delight in the pleasures of the material world and soak in the aesthetic wonders of the natural and technological worlds.

IVY Gardens is conveniently located in the middle of Dubai Land Residence Complex (DLRC), which seems like one of the most impressive buildings in all of Dubai. It is providing its customers with unrivalled access to everything that could potentially enhance their lives in terms of style and sophistication. The development’s primary features, including exceptional services and a pleasant lifestyle, comforts, and recreation, are complemented by the surrounding natural beauty and tranquilly. Thanks to this fantastic chance, you can look forward to some very lovely days with everyone. Just make the most of life so that people can take pleasure in many forms of recreation.

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Parallel Access:

The area is notable, however, for its magnificent developments and neighbourhoods as well as its iconic shopping centers and easy access to the ocean. This luxury living is having everything you need readily available and within reach improves the quality of your life. When everything you need is right outside your door, you may live a convenient and luxurious lifestyle.

•        15 minutes away from IMG Worlds of Adventure

•        15 minutes away from Zayed University

•        10 minutes away from Hypermarket in Silicon Oasis

•        15 minutes away from Falconcity of Wonders in Dubai

IVY Gardens is a luxurious master-planned community that offers its residents with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You’ll have access to services and capabilities much beyond anything you could have imagined before. This project is giving you the chance to make your dreams a reality in a setting of unparalleled sophistication and progress.Find your new home in one of the most modern neighbourhoods, along with a variety of services, facilities, and even entertainment options. The amenities at IVY Gardens are designed to enrich and expand your life in ways you never thought possible. Where you can take part in this amazing expansion and have your life enriched by being a part of it. This luxurious community offers a high standard of living thanks to its luxurious features and services. Spend quality time together as a family and enjoy all that this wonderful area has to offer. Provides access to a wide variety of well-known locations, including tourist hotspots, major airports, shopping centers, beaches, and landmarks.


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