What makes Italian shoes different from American or English footwear?

If you want to become a shoe connoisseur,  you should have complete knowledge about different kinds of italian mens shoes and where they originate from. That’s the beauty of shoes and knowing about them.  When you’re trying to educate yourself about various kinds of shoes, you’ll come across a lot of options, such as shoes, English shoes, American shoes, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, but no one explains what that means.

Let us delve into the different style hallmarks, as well as the construction of Italian, American, and English shoes.

Let’s start by elucidating upon Italian Shoes. Italy has long had the tradition of having shoes that are meant for the soul. Italy has the highest density of bespoke Italian shoes and Italian shoemakers that you can come across.  One thing that always comes off as an edge for Italy is that Italian bespoke shoes are that even a shoemaker in a small town has a very good eye for an elegant last. 

The craftsmanship of Italian bespoke shoes is usually a hand-sewn Goodyear welt. Oftentimes, you can also find the Norwegian welt which is called Norvegese in Italian and it’s more visible, it is more time consuming and not many other shoemakers are so much in love with that welt as Italians are. The problem with bespoke is it’s not very friendly to the pocket, it’s very time consuming, and because of that, it’s not an option for most men out there especially ones outside of Italy. 

Here are some other reasons why Italian shoes are considered to be a lot better than other kinds of shoes: 

1. It’s all about the leather – Yes, Italy has the most superior leather possible. Italians are very good tanners and because of that, most Italian shoes are made of Italian leather shoes for men. Unlike in other countries, you can find entire towns dedicated to leather tanning and it’s just a joy to see that that craft is still so very much alive in Italy today. Their leather is long-lasting, durable and extremely amazing. 

2. Shoe construction matters too – Italians have umpteen knowledge about the kind of shoes they should craft. Most quality Italian handmade shoes are either Blake-stitched or Blake rapid stitched. The shoe construction of Italian shoes is what makes them extremely special. Another thing is, their shoes are known to last long. They are not subjected to regular wear and tear. 

3. Quality of the shoes – The quality of Italian shoes is par excellence. When it comes to heel height Italian shoes have been all over the place. Italian shoes are always very straight forward and they are also known to last longer. They’re usually very stylish and always emphasize elegance. 

4. At the end of the day, you have to know what works for you. Every person’s choice in terms of shoes is different. If you’re a really heavy person with 450 pounds, a thin-soled Italian leather shoe is maybe not your best bet. They may tend to break. At the same time, if you want an elegant shoe that is thinner soled for events with black-tie for example, as a whole cut or maybe just as a business shoe around the office, I would recommend going with Italian thin sole shoes rather than thicker Hungarian style or American shoes.

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