Did You Know About the Famous Italian Fontal Cheese?

You will be surprised to know that in Italy alone there are more than 2500 kinds of cheese. Yes, this information is true and one of these Fontal cheese. This cheese is thought to be in the top 25 list of the most famous cheese.

Have Complete Information About Italian Fontal Cheese

As this cheese can be for many a new variety; so you must know everything that there is for this cheese. One of the best things about this cheese is that it is not only the best for serving as an antipasto; but also great for cooking various dishes.

Where Is the Origin Place?

This is a typical Italian cheese that originates in the northern region of Italy. The Acosta valley is in the most north of Italy. The Fontina cheese is considered its cousin that comes from the neighboring county of France.

What Is the Main Source of This Famous Cheese?

In the region of Acosta valley cows are in abundance so their milk is more. This is the main or you can say that the only source to make the Famous Italian Fontal Cheese. The milk spicily from the alpine cows makes the best cheese.

Which Other Countries Make It?

This cheese originated from Italy which has fewer holes. But as its popularity grew other countries including Sweden, United States, Argentine, France, and Denmark also started to make this cheese. But they are not anything like Italian cheese.

What Is the Appearance of Italian Fontal Cheese?

This cheese that you can buy from online stores like SognoToscano belongs to the semi-solid type of cheese. It contains approximately 45% of fats with fewer holes; as compared to the other varieties. It consists of a nutty taste that enhances the flavor of different dishes.

When It Was First Made?

The people of Acosta Valley say that they have been making this cheese since the 12th Century. But it was in 157 that cheesemakers came together to name this cheese so that it can be known to the world.

How to Preserve the Cheese?

The important thing to note about this cheese is that this cheese is made immediately after milking. This keeps the cheese fresh. Also, raw milk is used for its making.

In What Ways to Use Fontal Cheese?

You can use this cheese in a wide variety of dishes as the fontal cheese taste will enhance your cuisine experience. You can either cook it with other ingredients or serve it as appetizers.

Is It Different from Fontina Cheese?

The taste of Fontina cheese is stronger than its modernized cousin. As French people love the stronger taste of their cuisine so this cheese has a great taste.

How Long Is the Ageing Period?

This cheese has the shortest aging period than all others around the world. It can easily mature within two months of its production.

What Unique Taste It Has?

It has the distinct quality to absorb the flavors of various spices and herbs that give it a unique taste. Also, it has a unique sweet taste that goes best with wine and beer.

Can Everyone Afford This Cheese?

Yes, Fontal Cheese is a cheese type that everyone can easily afford to buy. So if you are thinking of buying cheese then consider the points discussed that will help you decide the best.

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