Is SEO Worth the Expense?

    SEO Worth

    If a business wants to expand and offer their services online, it will need to employ sound digital marketing strategies like search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure success. Through SEO, a website can rank high in Google’s search engine results pages. The sites found on the first pages receive more traffic than those placed on the other pages.

    An SEO campaign’s benefits come with a hefty price tag that can keep small businesses from investing in it, prompting companies to resort to conventional outbound marketing techniques. Blasting ads is far cheaper than SEO, and many small businesses think that this is an excellent alternative to SEO and other inbound marketing strategies.

    However, the conversion rate for blasting ads is often lower, much lower, compared to SEO, but they?re still useful and can improve a brand?s visibility in some ways. Most consumers now use the internet to look for the services they need, so brands need to ensure that their websites are visible one way or another. Businesses can resort to using both outbound and inbound marketing strategies to improve traffic since ads are still useful in improving brand recall.

    If small businesses continue blasting ads alone, they won?t see significant changes in their websites’ traffic. This is because they’re indiscriminately sending out advertisements to different people, even those who aren’t interested. Through SEO, only those interested in a brand’s services will see the site, increasing the website’s number of visitors and potentially increasing the company’s sales.

    SEO may be costly, but it’s the strategy that can yield far more excellent results for a brand as it improves a site?s visibility for the people looking for it. For more information, see this infographic by Landau Consulting.

    Is SEO Worth the Expense?

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