Is landscaping a good investment in Paradise Valley?

    full landscape installation in Paradise Valley AZ

    The first impression of your home in your social circle or at house warming parties is the most important. Even if you are planning to put your house on the real estate market, landscaping is a good investment, as it can instantly uplift the worth of your home.

    However, it is imperative that your full landscape installation in Paradise Valley AZ follows the code set by your state.

    Is Landscaping A Good Investment?

    The first impression of your home can make or break your deal especially if your house is on the real estate market.

    If you wish to sell your property at a good price, then a perfectly designed landscape can increase the worth of your home by 20%. However, you must follow the code and rules of its construction to get the most profit.

    A property that has an aesthetically designed landscape is up for quick grabs by the buyers. It provides the home a visual appeal and the sense of a well-designed structure. Imagine that the worth of your home will increase by 20%, that is an alarming number.

    What are the basics of landscaping?

    According to architectural experts, a homeowner must spend at least 10% of their home?s worth on landscaping.

    The design of the landscape is not just about plantation and trees, it requires smart placement of lighting, a swimming pool, hot tub, fountain, perhaps a pond, and a sitting area. It also includes structural elements like terracing and outdoor rooms.

    full landscape installation in Paradise Valley AZ

    The homeowner should sit with their architect or the landscape designer to draft a well-structured plan for their landscape. Then the homeowner should look for a construction contractor to begin the project.

    Hire A Professional

    When you go out on the hunt for a professional landscape architect, remember to check their license. The certified experts will provide you a detailed design plan that your construction contractor can easily bring to life.  They will not provide you with a plan that is not doable.

    The landscape architects are knowledgeable and experienced regarding the right kind of plants, horticulture, landscape engineering, irrigation, soil fertility, etc. You do not need to hire a botanist separately.

    In case you are searching for a basic landscape plan, then go visit the nearest garden center to see portfolios. However, if you have made the decision to install some permanent landscape structures, then hire a professional architect and a contractor.

    Conduct An Assessment Of Your Landscape Before Construction

    Prior to beginning your landscape project, it is important to assess the health of your landscape. A professional arborist will help you identify the dead trees with those that need special attention by your gardener.

    The experts will identify the key areas that need improvement or that can be enhanced. Areas for a new patio, driveway, running track, plantation, lighting, fountain, pond, etc will be identified. The landscape lighting involves lighting over trees and fairy lights in the sky.

    Check the market trends

    The main purpose of any remodeling project on your property is to bring aesthetic changes and uplift the worth. Make sure you check out the modern design trends in the market before designing your landscape.

    Do not make the common mistakes

    Homeowners make a common mistake of approaching their landscape with a hotchpotch approach.. They simply begin clearing out the grass and trees and through in seeds for the new plants without any plan in front. This will give the landscape an uneven look once the plants grow.

    Go Green

    It is essential that you protect your money invested in your landscape by making sure your property looks green and fresh. A good designer will give an in-depth maintenance plan after the landscape is finished.

    If you cannot commit to the regular maintenance of the plants and structures in your landscape, hire a licensed maintenance company to do it on your behalf. 

    Get into a dialogue with your landscape expert, and ask them details as to which plants require the most attention and care.

    Do not go overboard with exaggerated garden features

    Of course, you can wish for yourself a garden inspired by teh English rose, but you need to draw a boundary somewhere between what looks good and what looks gaudy.

    If you end up going overboard with design features, you can make your landscape appear busy and cluttered. This holds true for the types of plants you select. If they are busy and thorny, it may be considered an unsafe place for pets and kids to play around.

    Moreover, you must think long-term. Think about the growth of plantations in the next five years, will they maintain the same organized, neat look, or will they look overgrown?

    This will allow you to not go overboard with the design and your budget.


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