Guide for IRS Fresh Settlement Program

    IRS is an agency that was founded in 1862, by the United States of America. It is a federal agency that holds the charge for the collection of taxes along with the enforcement of tax laws, for instance the wash sale rule. IRS works under the authority and responsibility of the US Department of the Treasury. The primary purpose of forming this agency is the collection of individual income taxes as well as employment taxes. Along with it, the agency also has the responsibility of excise, corporate, gift, and estate taxes that also includes dividends and mutual funds. 

    In this blog, we are going to share a guide about the IRS Fresh Tax Settlement Program. This may include how it works, how you can qualify for it and many other likewise queries.?

    How does the IRS Repayment plan work?

    The IRS has its headquarter in Washington D.C and it provides the services of taxation for all American individuals and companies. According to the year 2019, this agency processed more than 250 million income tax returns and other forms. During this entire period, it collected more than 3.5 trillion dollars in revenue and also issued more than 452 billion dollars in tax refunds. 

    All praise goes to the latest computer technology, secure internet connections, and software programs that individuals and even corporations have an option of filing income returns by electronic means. The IRS provides its users a way to settle their debt and avoid penalties. All they require is to submit the appropriate forms and documentation to get started with this agency. And then they will set up a plan for themselves to move forward. The IRS plans may include a lump payment, monthly payments, or deferred payments.

    Who can Qualify for IRS Fresh Settlement Program?

    The initiative of the IRS Fresh Start program is inclusive and lenient. But there are some of the requirements you have to know about. Here are some of the policies that you may require for the qualification of the IRS program:

    • Self-employed individuals should prove a drop of 25% in net income.
    • Joint filers can not earn more than 200,000 dollars a year.
    • Single filers can not earn more than 100,000 dollars annually.
    • The tax balance of a user has to fall under 50,000 dollars before the years? end. 

    How can one Apply for the IRS Fresh Settlement Program?

    The agency provides eligibility forms to its customers for each relief option that is included in the IRS Fresh Program. It will help them in understanding these forms thoroughly and then complete them honestly. In this way, much of the confusion and stress is eliminated as the agency is giving you simple and great help from a tax professional. This professional will also help the candidate in following all the guidelines and select the program that’s the best fit for them. 

    Here are some of the points that determine how much users are able to pay for this Fresh Settlement Program to get rid of business tax debt.?

    • Income of a user 
    • His expenses
    • His ability to pay
    • His assets

    Benefits of Availing IRS Fresh Settlement Program

    Some of the benefits of using the IRS Fresh Program are given below:

    • Avoid offset of your future refunds 
    • Avoid the issues created by obtaining loans 
    • Avoid accruing additional penalties and other interests. 

    What?s included under this IRS Fresh Settlement Program

    Following are the terms that are included under the IRS Fresh Settlement Program when someone is availing it:

    • Installment Agreement (IA)
    • Penalty Abatement 
    • Currently Non-Collectible (CNC)
    • Offer in Compromise (OIC)

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