Productive Irrigation to keep Meyer Zoysia sod in Atlanta in Best Condition

Sometimes people ask the most stupid questions; why proper watering is important for the grass? The answer to this is a question to them as to why water is crucial for their body? Water one of the most vital elements that exist in nature. No living thing can survive without it. So how can it be possible that sod grass does not need for water?

Types of Irrigation Systems for Meyer Zoysia sod in Atlanta

There are different types of irrigation systems that can be used to supply water to the Meyer Zoysia sod in Atlanta. This type of Zoysia can tolerate the cold weather as well as the hot summers. But watering it during the summer is really crucial as it can wither.

Watering by Hand

If the sod is installed in a lawn which is small then you can use a simple water hose with a nozzle attached to the end. You can use this technique for big lawns but a problem with it is that you will not be able to correctly measure the amount of water given to the area or the water has spread to all areas of the lawn.

Drip Irrigation

This is becoming more popular with each passing day because there are many areas in which water is limited. A normal hose is punctured with holes that provide direct water to the roots. You can set the timer and quantity of water to be given.

The use of Sprinklers

Sprinklers are the most common type of irrigation system that people use for their lawns. It has many varieties which you can use according to the requirement of the lawn. They are used to supply water to the places where it is difficult to reach.

Long-Lasting Watering System

There is another system that is durable and long-lasting. An underground system of pipes and hoses are fixed that properly water the sod grass. Although it is expensive and time-consuming afterwards it will create no problems.

Using Rain Water

The areas where water is scarce the irrigation problem is solved by rainwater. The same catchment method of rainwater is used to store water and use it afterwards.

Newly Installed Sod Grass and Watering

If you want that your sod grass to be beautiful and gorgeous then careful watering of the newly installed sod grass is essential. You have to follow the instructions of the professionals at Atlanta Metro Sod who have installed the sod for you. 

The day of Installation

If you don’t water the sod within half an hour of the installation then it will not grow and prosper properly. One inch of water should be supplied so that the water can reach the roots. But note that the water must penetrate 4 inches deep in the soil for better irrigation. The best time for watering is early morning and in the evening as well.

Following the Next Weeks

Now you can reduce the amount of water but half or quarter inches per day. You have to repeat the process until the roots have firmly gripped the ground. You can check by pulling a small part of the grass; if it comes out easily then leave it for gripping the soil.

Rest of the Days to Come

For the rest of the days to come weekly watering is enough during the cooler weather but be careful to irrigate the sod daily in the hot season so that the sod gets dry and turn brown in color.

Tips for Productive Irrigation

There are several tips that you can follow if you want your sod to be attractive and remain in the best condition. Although many of you know these suggestions various situations make you forget what precautions to take and which ones to avoid. 

Water on the Whole Lawn

You must have an irrigation system which ensures that water is spread to the whole lawn. Not a single tiny piece of land; must not be left untouched by the water. For this purpose sprinklers and drip irrigation method will be the best.

Don’t exceed the recommended amount

Every sod has its own designated amount that is appropriate for the grass. Exceeding or lacking that quantity has severe consequences. The lesser amount can result in withering of the sod and more will damage the proper growth.

Watch for Sod on Slopes

The sod installed on the slopes must be watered more than the recommended quantity. Yes, you heard correctly excess water on the slopes because the water can run down and less water will reach the roots and leaves of the sod.

Water at the right time

Water given at the right time is the best tip that one can receive. The proper timing of watering is provided in details in the above-mentioned headings. So read it carefully to avoid any mistake. Just to remind you that morning and evening is the right time for giving water to the sod that has been fully installed. 

Keep a check on Moisture quantity

It is really crucial that you keep a regular check on the quantity of moisture in the soil of Meyer Zoysia sod in Atlanta. If the moisture is less; it is a great problem and extensive watering is required to maintain the ideal quantity of water.

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