Six Accessories For Your iPhone 11 Pro That You Must Have

The arrival a few weeks ago of Apple’s new batch, the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone 11 Pro, has unleashed a wave of positive reviews. The Cupertino company have managed to give the fans of their iPhone some tremendously competitive models, with a design that looks better in the hand than in photos, and with a revolutionary 3-lens camera that has causes sensation, in the case of the higher-end models.

Therefore, and if you are the lucky owner of one of these handsets, we have prepared a list of six accessories that you can buy at Amazon to complete and protect your magnificent new phone. Remember that if you are Amazon Prime you have it at home without shipping costs in most cases, and that you have at your disposal millions of products at a single click.

6 Essential Accessories For Your iPhone 11 Pro

Leather case

We find a leather case, with which you can elegantly dress your new iPhone 11 Pro. It is a piece of bovine leather in black and brown colors, and it serves to give extra protection when you are not using the device. Without a doubt a touch of very personal elegance and without having to hide the design. In addition, you have the possibility to record a personal message in some cases.

Tough Case

Do you work in rough environments? Do you like to go hiking, or do you have a bad habit of dropping your iPhone? If yes then you will need to check out a tough case. They are thicker than some cases available but this trade off is preferable and you can rest easy once your iPhone is secured in them.

Apple Quick Charger

One of the features that is already essential is that of wireless charging. For that reason, this fun charger with the Apple logo is a good option to have your iPhone at full power. There is nothing more comfortable and easy to get home and put the phone to take some breath, and without having to give up a chic touch.

Screen Protectors

Why would you give up protecting your iPhone screen for so little money? These protectors have oleophobic function, which makes the footprints cost more to mark, has a high protection against cracks and does not take away an iota vision. They are two units for less than 10 euros. Ah! And very easy to install.

Charging cable

Apple is not renowned for making extremely good cables. However, these that we see with Mfi (Apple certification) adequately fulfill their function. They are certified by the Apple company and in addition to ultra resistant, they have a variety of striking colors that easily brightens your day. Do you need anything else? A price that causes no stress on your wallet and a length of 1.8 meters.

2nd Generation AirPods With Wireless Case

Is there anything about the AirPods that you don’t know? Well, they give a high definition, are very resistant and in the case of these, include the wireless charging case. They are the ideal complement to a great device, good proof of this is the quality of millions of AirPods that have been sold since 2016. Yours for only 180 euros!

Most cases should work with wireless charging, but if there is an exception and a particular case is not compatible with wireless charging, the case maker will generally tell you before you buy.

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