A brief discussion on Invisalign Moderate to help you make an informed decision

invisalign moderate

The Invisalign Moderate package is meant for those whose expectations from the treatment overlap the results offered by the Invisalign Lite and Invisalign Comprehensive packages. The Moderate package is a 20-stage treatment which usually lasts anywhere between 5 and 12 months. Now let us quickly go through some of the crucial features this package offers.

  • The treatment involves 15 to 20 stage treatment
  • It delivers desired results within 5 months to a year
  • The treatment facilitates greater movement of your teeth compared to Invisalign Lite

The information given above helps make a basic idea about this particular Invisalign treatment version. Now let us see what are the elements included in the treatment package.

Constituents of the Invisalign Moderate package

The package includes the following –

  • SmartTrack material and SmartForce attachments
  • SmartForce attachments which facilitate greater control over moving your teeth
  • A range of customisation options including precision cuts, compliance indicators, inter proximal reduction and bite ramps 

It is important to mention in this context that both SmartTrack material and SmartForce attachments facilitate more predictable movement of your teeth. There is hardly any other clear aligner system that can provide so accurate predictability is shifting the teeth.

Features of Invisalign Moderate package

As far as clinical scope of the package is concerned, it can correct crowding or spacing issues of the teeth ranging from mild to moderate. It is ideal for Class I and mild Class II cases. The treatment cal also resolves problems related to mild AP and vertical discrepancies. Ideally this is a pre-restorative treatment and the treatment is provided up to 20 stages. You will find a set of additional aligners included in your kit.

Benefits the treatment offers

Moderate Invisalign aligners offer a host of benefits which include the following –

  • Discretion and inconspicuous treatment that no one will ever get a hint about 

These tiny orthodontic aligner trays remain virtually invisible inside your mouth. There is no wire or brackets used much unlike the conventional braces system to draw attention of the public to your treatment.

  • Much greater level of comfort and convenience compared to traditional braces

These clear transparent aligner trays are made from high-grade thermoplastic and are smooth enough not to irritate the soft tissues of your gums and the cheek. Compared to metal braces used in traditional orthodontics this range of appliances offers much greater comfort and convenience.

  • The aligner trays are easily removable

Traditional braces remain fixed to your teeth throughout the duration of the treatment. But Invisalign aligners on the whole are easily removable and the Moderate Invisalign version is no different. You can take out the aligners from the teeth anytime you want to and can wear the appliances back again on your own. This is the reason why straightening the teeth with Invisalign does not impose any dietary restriction on patients unlike the traditional braces. Removable aligners also enable you to brush and floss the teeth as usual and maintain optimum oral hygiene.

  • A perfectly customised treatment plan to address your unique needs

Every treatment plan is perfectly tailored to cater to the unique dental needs of every patient. This is why Invisalign is one of the most efficient and reliable teeth straightening systems in the world.

  • Saves your time and effort with fewer appointments

Invisalign technology does not require you to visit your treatment provider at frequent intervals unlike the traditional braces system. When you are on conventional braces you have to visit your dentist almost every now and then to adjust the wires and the brackets. Invisalign Moderate requires you to visit your dentist very frequently.

  • Faster treatment that usually lasts only a few months

Invisalign aligners deliver your desired treatment results much faster compared to traditional braces. Usually, the treatments last only a few months and the Moderate version is no exception to that. The average time that Invisalign Moderate takes to deliver expected results ranges from five to twelve months.

Approximate cost of the treatment

Just like all other Invisalign treatments, Invisalign Moderate too is custom designed to fit all the unique requirements of a patient. As a result of this the cost of Invisalign Moderate treatment is never uniform and varies from case to case. The factors that determine the cost of the treatment include the following –

  • The magnitude of shifting your teeth require
  • Expected length of the treatment
  • The total number of aligner trays a patient requires
  • Total number of visits to a dentist
  • Qualifications and experiences of your dentist

Now let us make an idea about approximate cost of the treatment in the United Kingdom.

  • The Invisalign Lite package which includes 1 to 14 aligner trays costs around £2599.
  • Invisalign Moderate cost, which includes 15 to 20 aligner trays, is around £2949.
  • On the other hand, Invisalign Comprehensive treatment which includes more than 21 aligner trays costs much higher around £3649

As a matter of fact, Invisalign treatments are not exactly much reasonable in cost compared to that of conventional braces. Yet, people prefer it over the traditional treatment. This is because of the benefits this cutting-edge orthodontic treatment offers – discreet and inconspicuous treatment, greater convenience and comfort, no dietary restriction, easy to maintain optimum oral hygiene to name a few.

Now let us discuss the main factors that determine the cost of your Invisalign Moderate treatment.     

The magnitude of movement your teeth need – During the initial consultation your dentist assesses how much crowding your teeth suffer from. Based on that it is easy to assess how much movement the teeth need to fall into correct alignment. If your crowding issue ranges from mild to moderate then your treatment takes lesser time and the cost is also reasonable.

The number of aligners you require – If you have mild to moderate misalignment issues with your teeth or the jaws then you require lesser number of aligner trays. But if your orthodontic problem is severe then your aligner requirement is also much higher, explain dentists working at the widely trusted Piccadilly Dental in London. Your treatment cost is determined by the number of aligner trays your teeth require to come into correct alignment.


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