Intellectual Property Process in Business

Intellectual property agents

If you want to start or manage a company, IP should always be part of your business strategy. Intellectual property in Dubai is not an easy task as there are many things you need to take into consideration before starting the business.

The protection of your IP is an important basis for the success of a company, as defending your IP at the fundamental level increases your competitiveness by granting legal rights to prevent others from exercising or using your innovation logo, copying your concept, or copied content.

Intellectual property agents

Early IP identification is also essential to ensure that you get the most benefit from your IP investments and that people don’t use your IP.

This article will help you understand what IP is at a basic level and how any IP you might still have can be identified. It also helps you to consider what security is required. The required steps are also addressed before IP registration.

Intellectual Property

In reality, IP is an immaterial property. It applies to ‘mind creations’ such as symbols, names, inventions, compositions and creative works. Intellectual property agents assist businesses in many is better to hire an agent rather than putting too much effort.

As others, IP is covered by legislation which enables property owners to make money or acknowledge their inventions or creations while prohibiting others from using this property. IP is protected by law.

IP security comprises, among other forms, trademarks, copyrights, patents and trade secrets. Different types of IP have different rights and responsibilities and different guidelines on security claims.

Establish IP Inventory

You can get a clearer understanding of how the products on the list are categorized further under various IP types by making a complete list of the goods and services.

Categorize the Goods and Services of the Business

You would have a rough understanding of what a trademark or patent can be following details about the various types of IPs. This must not be completely true, and you will talk to your Solicitor about this list.

Is It A Writing Piece?

This originality criteria varies between IP forms, but all types need an originality factor. It is important to first see whether you can infringe on someone else’s IP before introducing some new concept or brand or product.

If you decide the invention is new enough to apply for immunity, you will require guidance from a solicitor to do a search to ensure that the current IP rights are not violated.

It is vital because it prevents undue expenditure on selling and promoting a product just to see that you potentially violate the rights of someone else.

Is it Worth Protecting?

An IP lawyer will assist you in priority making your various IPs and managing your IP portfolio. In making this determination, an IP attorney will examine the categorized list presented to assess the likelihood of obtaining IP security.

Prioritization of the goodwill guaranteed by a trademark will help prepare ahead to maximize its usage and bring value to the company in the long run.


It is not a simple job to correctly define and classify your IP. These tips will nevertheless motivate you. When the exercises are over, you have a full IP list, which is useful for your business plan.

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