Instant Noodle Packaging Design

custom noodle packaging

Get me that red pack of noodles with yellow strips, or orange pack with a blue name?

This has been the way we have been buying noodles since forever. Have not packaging designs taken over the whole product and the business? Most of the time we may forget the name of the brand or the product, but never, an attractive logo, captivating prints, and alluring color combinations. 

? And why not? when we have something more appealing to the eyes and captivating to the heart? Packaging designs involves product container, its shapes, sizes, and prints that give an image or appearance to the product, which customers might purchase. 

Instant noodles packaging designs 

Creating an effective noodle packaging is not a task at all, if you are aware of all the what, how, where, when, and why?

To get in the flow here are some of the hottest selling packaging designs for noodles. 

Predictable packet 

Have you ever noticed, every day a new product comes in the market, with new packaging designs that are outstanding in every aspect from functionality to durability and sustainability?

Yet, a conventional noodle packet never loses its charm. These packets are made up of plastic polymer, which is highly capable of offering effective packaging along with the style that helps in marketing and advertising. 

These packets are highly printable according to product and brand needs. What makes them lovable by everyone are bold and bright colors, unique typography, funky doodling, and screaming patterns. These design elements make them stand out among the crowd and highly noticeable, no matter where they are placed.

Cup bowls 

Starting from the first generation of bowl packaging for noodles in 1971, we are here with custom packaging that is highly adaptable in term of shapes, sizes, and design that not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the product but also adds to the functionality and durability of product boxes. 

Cup bowls are designed in a way that unfolds into bowls that offer a unique and functional packaging design. Customers are in favor of product boxes that makes utilization easier.

Cutout takeaway boxes

Noodles are mostly associated with Chinese takeout boxes. They do not need an introduction as they are already famous all over the world because of their feasible containment and amazing design. 

Cutout takeaway boxes have a custom window or other cutouts on the front, which gives an aesthetically appealing outlook to them. They are highly presentable in terms of giving a better display to the product, which instantly grabs customers? attention. 

Interactive pouches 

noodle packaging

Blessed with customization, you can create product packaging, using the material of your choice along with shapes, sizes, and design. For instance, custom noodle pouches or packets that keep customers indulged with the designs from the start till the end. 

Product pouches with cutouts or see-through images, patterns, logos, or any other symbol give a sneak peek of the product, which makes them more captivating than a regular container that hides the product inside.

Pillow box packaging 

There is nothing that cannot be packed inside pillow boxes. As per their name, they have a pillow-like structure, which opens from the side. Being secure and functional, they offer the ultimate product packaging to the product. 

A bold plain background with monochromic metal or matte typography takes your packaging game to another level. They speak for the quality and creativity of the designer that enhances the worth of the product and the associated brand.

Where to get custom packaging

Well, getting?custom noodle packaging?in affordable rates and premium quality is what you need to think the least about. It is because there are a lot of packaging companies and suppliers that offer custom packaging in wholesale, which offer the cheapest product boxes. They are cheap because of the order in bulk only. In terms of quality, they are as high-end, durable, functional, and luxurious as other alternative packaging solutions that are available in the market.??


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