Installing Parquet Flooring Correctly

parquet flooring

Parquet flooring has been around for many years but it’s only now, after many shows on TV and the internet that we are really seeing the true benefits of parquet floors. What was once an expensive luxury few could afford is now a commonplace option for homes all over the world. They are extremely hard wearing and resist damage from every conceivable condition but are also much easier to maintain. It also adds value to your home should you ever decide to move on. If you want the look of hardwood but don’t want the maintenance then parquet is the way to go.

Individual parquet tiles

Parquet flooring is made up of individual parquet tiles arranged in straight, evenly spaced columns. The large size of these individual tiles means that no two parquet floorings will be exactly the same. This feature makes them ideal for use in any room of your house as there will be no variation in shape or size which will result in your rooms look different from each other. As the tiles are evenly spaced per square foot, this means they are not only evenly sized but will fit together perfectly forming one continuous surface.

Installation of Parquet flooring

When installing parquet floors there are a few options for those who don’t feel like doing the job themselves. If you would rather leave things to a professional you can find parquet flooring Dubai that comes already stained and sanded. If you have no experience at all then the best advice I can give is to sand the wood planks yourself. Do not try to make your own sander as parquet flooring wood pieces are large and irregular in size so if you sand them wrong you could seriously ruin the look. I would only sand the bigger pieces as you wouldn’t want the small wood planks to be showing through.

When sanding the planks you need to use the least amount of pressure as this will increase the life of the planks. Once sanded leave to dry for a few hours before applying the final layer of either wood strips or glue. Glue is easier to apply than wood strips because the glue actually goes onto the wood strips creating a tighter bond.

Cut wood or concrete

To cut your wood or concrete slab into the required lengths for your parquet flooring, first lay the pieces on the floor and start nipping off longitudinal. You may have to do a couple of long nips on each length for the first few cuts. When nipping makes sure you nail all of the pieces together and be careful not to damage the concrete slab. Keep going until all of the long strips are gone.

The reason you need to cut the wood or concrete strip at least an inch longer than needed for your parquet flooring made from real wood is because when you lay the planks in them will be too long. By using the circular saw, you will be able to go down each length without hitting anything and you will be able to get right up to the edge of the planks. Once you get to the edges you simply cut them off and move on. If you don’t cut all of the long strips you will find that the floors aren’t even when you are finished.


After all the long strips are gone you need to varnish or seal the floor. Most of the time the best way to varnish a parquet floor is to use a high-pressure sprayer. This will seal the wood or concrete properly and leave it looking great. Another option would be to do a professional varnish job. However, if you’re not comfortable doing this you can always purchase or rent a pressure washer, a varnish gun, and a sealer and do your own varnish job.

Don?t walk on wet parquet flooring

One last thing that you need to know about installing hardwood or engineered parquet flooring is that you must never walk on it until it is completely dry. If you do you run the risk of damaging the floor which will lead to major repairs.?


If you have any questions regarding the installation of this type of floor you should speak with Dubai Vinyl Flooring who is experienced with doing this kind of floor. They should be able to help you figure out the steps you need to take. Remember that the most important thing about installing hardwood or engineered parquet flooring is to make sure that it is installed correctly from the beginning and that you follow the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines.

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