Budget Bash: Inexpensive Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend

Friends are such an essential part of your journey in life. Right from the friends in your neighborhood who you?ve played badminton or cricket with, to the ones who crib about your job with you after every meeting. 

And being a good friend often means helping your friends out, listening to them when they need you, and of course, the ones who gift you thoughtful things when it’s due. 

Of course, as you grow older, you?ve got more responsibilities and fewer interactions with your friends. You end up seeing them once in a blue moon. If keeping up with friends is so difficult, imagine how tedious it must be to remember everyone?s birthday and think of the right gift to give them.

Budget Bash: Inexpensive Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend

This is where we come in. This blog lists out the most unique but inexpensive birthday gift ideas to give your friends. They?re thoughtful, and useful, and will bring a smile to their face. We?ve included many interesting items- right from a macrame photo display to jewelry and personalized keychains. We?ve got the best ones listed-?

A Planner 

Adulating is tough. You?ve always got a lot on your plate and the to-do list is ever-increasing. The only way out of this swamp is to organize your chores, projects, and thoughts. The best way to come out on top is to get a planner. It helps you organize and makes sure you?ve got all your tasks and chores listed in one place. It makes things easier on you and helps in the long term. 

This is such a thoughtful gift for your friends. It’s practical and will make them think about you every day. So go look for the right planner if you?re looking for inexpensive gifts for your friends on their birthday. 

Trinket Dish

Don’t be too quick to judge. If you?re looking for a gift to give your guy friend on their birthday, this still might work. 

A trinket dish helps women keep their rings and small pieces of jewelry safe. It also acts as a tray for keys and cards and mail. This is why a trinket dish is a useful but inexpensive gift that you can give your friends on their birthday. 

They can either make use of it and store small items or use it as an ornament on their dresser or dinner table. Take your pick from the multiple choices available online to find the best trinket dish to gift. 

Self Care Basket

Everyone needs to be pampered every now and then. With increasing emphasis on metro sexuality, both men and women tend to enjoy a little pampering and self-care in the form of a pedicure, spa, or massage. Gifting your friends a personalized self-care basket is a great way to make them feel special. 

It motivates them to take care of themselves and enjoy some me-time when they are alone. It’s inexpensive and personal, making it a great birthday gift for a cherished friend. 

Personalized Caricature

One of the best gifts to give your friend on their birthday is a personalized caricature that will help highlight your love for them. It will definitely bring a smile to their face and can be a fun addition to their office desk or their nightstand. 

Personalized Keychains

Personalized gifts like mugs and keychains have always been popular gifts as they?re very practical gifts and tend to make a difference in everyday lives. Imagine having a stylish, customized car keychain that has your name or number plate on it.

It will definitely be easier to find your keys wherever you are and it allows you to add an element of style in your everyday attire. So a customized bike or car keychain is a great and inexpensive gift to give your friend.?

Macrame Picture Display

Macrame is the new cool this year and it’s only fair since they are aesthetically pleasing and look like a million bucks. Whether your friends live close to or in a rented apartment away from their home, a macrame picture display will surely turn their house into a home. 

It will help add a personal touch to the space and make the area warmer and welcoming and surely adds a positive vibe to the atmosphere. So this is one of the best and most inexpensive gifts to give your friends on their birthday. 

Scented Candles 

Scented candles can really turn your mood around and help create a good ambiance when your mood is down. Gift your friend scented candles on their birthday so they can relax in a pleasant atmosphere after a long day. It’s one of the most inexpensive gift ideas for their birthday. 

Funky Phone Case

Everyone you know is glued to their screen for at least a few hours in the day. Whether it’s fun chats with their friends or work emails, it?s all in your palms. So a good phone case is a must for all of us. 

Travel Pouch

Whether it’s romantic getaways with their partners or a road trip with close friends, everyone loves to travel. This is why a travel pouch is a great gift to give your best friend on their birthday. They can get good use out of it and will always thank you for it. 

Gift your best friend a funky phone case that will bring out their personality. They will end up getting a lot of use out of it and although it’s an inexpensive gift, it will be cherished by them for a long time. 


A good wallet is a need and a want at the same time. You can easily find wallets that fit your budget and make your friends happy. Whether it’s a simple leather wallet or one engraved with their name, they are bound to get good use out of them, making it one of the best and most inexpensive birthday gifts for your friends.

With these suggestions, you?re bound to make a good decision. No more scrambling to find gifts last minute and settling for gift cards that your friends won’t end up using. Give them one of these inexpensive gifts on their birthday and make their day more special. 

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