Indicators, Technical and Fundamental Analysis – Top 3 Most Important Things To Learn Before Trading

    currency trading

    Learning forex before opening a trading position ensures that you can become profitable and obtain continuous success in trading. When you join the market, you will get yourself exposed to big financial institutions that are more equipped and knowledgeable in this field. As a retail trader, it is common sense that you have to learn trading, before entering the market or you will simply risk the chance of the success you ever dreamed of. Aside from learning, you must also practice your strategy for long term benefit.

    How Should You Learn Forex?

    Be it free or paid, there are a lot of online tools that will help educate traders online. But first, you must understand the content of the tool that you will use to obtain the information that you want to have.

    In currency trading, you need complete learning, as well as execution and trade management. Whatever platform you choose to study must contain all these trading strategies as these are the foundation of trading.

    currency trading

    You can have a lot of trading strategies in the Forex market. You are free to choose which trading strategy best suits you. If you think that trading is a full-time position for you, then choose day trading or scalping. But if you have corporate jobs and are unwilling to work full-time then you consider position trading or swing trading.


    Indicators used in trading are tools that help in calculating the past movement of the market and the future movement as well. There are a lot of indicators to choose from. 30 built-in indicators are offered in MetaTrader4 while MetaTrader5 has 36 indicators. If you are interested in trading and succeeding in this field, then you must give more time to learning these indicators.

    Technical Analysis

    An integrated part of trading Forex in technical analysis. It also gives good trading signals in almost all financial markets such as indices, stocks, and cryptocurrency. Countless successful traders are basing their trades solely on technical analysis. In technical analysis, the geometric information is being used, and also tools like Gann, Fibonacci, etc. are utilized. Some technical analysis includes;

    • Market Context
    • Pivot Points
    • Support and Resistance
    • Ichimoku Kinko Hyo
    • Supply and Demand Zone
    • Moving Average

    Fundamental Analysis

    Just like technical analysis, Fundamental analysis also plays a very important role in the Forex market. In fact, professional and institutional traders trade using fundamental analysis. Since the Forex market is being ruled by central banks, it is important to comprehend the impact of these interest rates in currency pairs. Nonetheless, there are tools that you can use to analyze the economy of the country.

    Traders using Fundamental analysis identifies the country?s economy through;

    • Interest Rates
    • Consumer Price Index
    • Gross Domestic Product
    • Producer Price Index
    • Retail Sales
    • Foreign Currency Reserves
    • Export and Import


    Considering the things mentioned above, things like Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Money Management, Trade Management, and currency Trading Psychology must be thoroughly studied before trading in the Forex market. By doing so, you are minimizing the loss and you can attain minimum risk.


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