5 Unique Ways To Incorporate Texting Into Your Business

In today’s world, you need to stay on top of the latest tech innovations and find ways to incorporate them into your business. It wasn’t that long ago that business owners discovered the benefits of social media. Using Instagram and other sites gives you an easy way to connect with your customers and give them a few reasons to work with you. While you can ask for their phone numbers and contact them, many people do not answer unknown numbers. Using text messages is a better option. Make sure you consider some of the unique ways to incorporate texting into your business.

Customer Service

The Local Project found that people send more than six billion text messages every day and that more than 80% of Americans text. An easy way to use text messages in your business is as an alternate form of customer service.?

Have you ever called a company for help and found yourself sitting on hold for hours? Maybe you lost the call in the middle and never got a response back. Text messages allow customers to reach out with any issues or problems they have and get a response much faster.

Sales Updates

Whether you offer a service or sell goods, you know that everyone loves a sale. Slashing your prices by even 10% can increase your sales and get more customers. Launching a text message club lets you tell customers about all of your upcoming sales. You might give them a discount code when they first sign up that works on their next order. 

Future text messages can include exclusive promo codes that they can’t find anywhere else. Don’t forget to send out texts to let customers know a few days or weeks before your next sale, too.

Order Info

If you sell products, consider using text messages to provide shoppers with information about their orders. You can set up your system to send them automatic updates. They get one message to confirm their order and another that lets them know it’s in process. The system can also send out updates when the order leaves the warehouse and ships. 

Make sure that customers also get texts about your return process in case they have any problems. A good business will also send text messages when an order arrives.

Event Reminders

A good way to get people through your doors is with unique events. Why not host an outdoor party for Memorial Day or another holiday? You don’t need to spend a lot of money to give customers an experience they won’t forget. Hot dogs and burgers are affordable, and you can offer cans of soda and bottled water. 

You might even bring in a clown to make balloon animals for kids or someone to paint faces. While you should advertise your events on your business website and in your shop, you can also use text messages. Keep sending out reminders as you near the date of the event.

Special Notices

As you look at how to send automated text messages, think about using the messages to reward loyal customers. Loyalty programs give customers perks each time they visit. Many programs award them points based on how much money they spend, which they can exchange for discounts.?

You can also use your club to gather information about those shoppers such as when they sign up and their birthdays. Use text messages to send them a promo code on their birthday that works for the whole month. 

It’s just as easy to send anniversary discount codes to mark the date when they signed up for the reward club. Discounts as low as 10% off appeal to many shoppers who want to save money.

Using Text Messages in Your Business

Texting is a convenient and easy way to send messages to other people. When you’re running late, you can send a quick message without picking up the phone and making a call. They also allow you to reach out when you don’t have a lot of time to talk on the phone. 

Don’t assume that you can only use texts in your personal life though because they also work well for business purposes. Some of the unique ways you can use text messages include as special notes to your customers and to update them about sales.

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