Improve Your Local Ranking With Serverwala Cheap Dedicated Server UK

Everyone is well aware of the fact that to bring potential users to their websites, it is always better to acquire the best possible website ranking on the search engines. But little do they know that the web server on which the website is being hosted highly impacts the SEO ranking. If your concern is about improving your website’s local ranking, this article is for you. Here we will discuss the most ideal web hosting solution that enables the highest possible ranking of your website on search engines – Serverwala dedicated server UK. However, before you get insights into this company’s hosting service, let’s understand why to hang on to a dedicated server.

What is a Dedicated Server in UK?

The Uk dedicated server is simply designed to make an individual user accomplish all its web business necessities. It serves as a robust, powerful, and dynamic server for your website. You obtain the entire server to host your website under dedicated server hosting. Unlike shared hosting, the resources coming with the physical server solely belong to you and operate for your website. Your website acquires a secure and private hosting environment with dedicated server hosting. You can choose to run your server according to what suits your website the best. This flexibility comes as you can acquire the full root control of your dedicated server Bangalore from your hosting company. 

How does a UK Dedicated Server Work for your website?

Purchasing the dedicated server from a reliable and renowned hosting company can ensure you with the following privileges – 

Complete control over the server

With total control over your server, you get the opportunity to set up the desired server software and hardware configurations. Further, you can run the operating system of your choice on the dedicated server UK. Also, you can customize the applications, programs, and other features anytime you need. 

High-level security

The isolated hosting environment of the dedicated server makes it possible for you to provide high-level security to your website’s data. Moreover, you get the possibility to install additional security layers for attaining full data protection against all the security threats. 

Optimal performance

With the dedicated resources and robust hardware support, you can have the assurance of your website’s optimal performance. Moreover, with the customization privilege, you can provide your website exactly what it requires to deliver high performance. 

High Scalability

The dedicated server UK permits high scalability. You can scale up or upgrade your web resources based on your website’s growth and volume of web traffic. Thus, your website becomes capable of sustaining its optimal performance at every stage of its development. 

Now, let us take you next to introduce one such top-leading and reliable web hosting company for acquiring the best-dedicated server in UK – Serverwala. 

Intro: Serverwala Cloud Data Center

Serverwala is highly known and recognized for rendering the leading dedicated server hosting services worldwide at the cheapest rates. The company is one of the top-notch organizations in the corporate sector. It provides high-speed servers with enterprise-grade hardware. Your website will get the ability to deliver an excellent end-user experience to your visitors and customers. This will enable you to enhance your website visitors ratio swiftly. Peek into the advantages that come with the company’s cheap dedicated server UK –

Advantages of Serverwala Dedicated Server UK

  • Your website will attain support for RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) – 0, 1, 5, 10 with the company’s dedicated server hosting.
  • The company will provide your website the premium bandwidth with the fastest and consistent network connectivity.
  • You will get the opportunity to set up the private server clusters with utmost ease.
  • You will also acquire the effective service level agreement guaranteeing the 100% uptime network along with other hosting facilities. 
  • The company’s dedicated server UK will bring sturdy and flexible hardware tools based on the most advanced technology for boosting your website’s performance.
  • You will obtain the SSH root control of your server from the company. 
  • Also, your website gets the standard and advanced security features incorporating data encryption, firewall protection, and SSL certificate.

How UK Based Dedicated Server Help in SEO?

When it comes to your website’s SEO ranking, check out how Serverwala dedicated server UK enables its better and highest possible ranking on the search engines –

  • It makes it possible to avoid inviting a deep investigation by search engines into your website. The scrutiny happens due to bad neighbors but it does not usually happen with the dedicated server as you do not have to bear any neighbors. 
  • The company’s dedicated server hosting makes your website attain a faster loading speed. And, speed is undoubtedly the crucial factor in determining the SEO ranking.
  • Since your website is able to give an efficient performance with high security under Serverwala dedicated server UK, the search engines will render a better ranking to it. 
  • Your website gets a dedicated IP address that immensely influences the security and uniqueness of your web business while enabling search engines to know about your site’s integrity. 

Choose the best Plan of Serverwala Dedicated Server UK

Serverwala offers a varied array of options for dedicated server hosting plans. You can opt for the most suitable one for your website. Each plan comes with the cheapest price, secure networking, and high-tech network flexibility. This will let you to have high value for your money. Moreover, the company ensures to provide 24/7 technical support via its highly-skilled experts with all the unmanaged and managed dedicated server hosting packages. 


The search engines are always concerned about providing their users with the best and reliable results possible for their keyword search. So, they make it a priority to serve high-performance and secure websites for their users’ searches. Moreover, when you are hosting your website on a dedicated server and still not able to acquire a better SEO ranking for your website, you will know the fault lies with your server. Unlike shared server users, you do not have to wonder about whether the fault is with your site or another. Instead, you will be able to fix it quickly with the dedicated server in order to have the desired website’s ranking. 

Reach out to the Serverwala’s professionals or visit the company’s official website and know more about its hosting services of the best-dedicated server UK-

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