13 Unexpected Ways Exercise Improves Your Life

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Exercise is an acquired taste. Whereas some people are simply too lazy, too busy, others are not aware of what benefits exercise brings to the table. Notwithstanding the obvious benefits of better body and weight loss, exercise also has some surprising advantages that will have you running off to the treadmill!

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1. Improved brain performance

Who knew running around the block will help you solve a mathematical equation, but such is life!

Our bouts of cardio not only help in burning calories, but also helps in the formation of brain cell, through a process known as neurogenesis. Moreover, more challenging the exercise becomes, more brain-derived protein is produced by the body. This then boosts brain power and improves decision making and critical thinking skills in the person.

However, in attempts at improving brain, do not overdo with exercising. Know how far you can take your body to avoid injuries. It is important to visit an orthopedic surgeon if you feel that you might have hurt yourself in the exercise frenzy. Timely help makes profound difference!

2. Revitalizes you

You might dread the thought of sweating, and get tired at the prospect of work out already, but exercise actually helps in energizing you!

With exercise comes improved circulation, so all the cells in the body are replenished.

Moreover, regular exercise also is beneficial against chronic fatigue syndrome. Many people suffering from chronic illnesses also experience surge in energy levels due to exercise.

3. Prevents bone loss

Bones are a living tissue and we often forget this nougat of information. Our bone density increases till we hit our 30s, and it?s all downhill from there. If the loss in bone mass is a lot, conditions like osteoporosis ensue.

Exercise, on the other hand, not only ensures that your bones pack more mass, but the rate of depletion is also very slow in people who regularly exercise.

4. Promotes Happiness

You might be cringing at the thought of exercising, especially if it?s not your cup of tea, but exercise does in fact promote happiness. It leads to the secretion of the good hormones, the coveted endorphins, alongside dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin.

All these hormones help with your emotional wellbeing and decrease the symptoms of stress and depression.

5. Helps in sleeping better

Stress and depression lead to different responses in different individuals. Whereas some tend to oversleep, others suffer from insomnia. Both these sleep issues have grave implications for your health.

Exercise helps in lowering stress levels in the body and therefore aids people in getting restful, adequate sleep. In fact, exercise serves as a great way of improving the symptoms of insomnia.

Moreover, exercise also relaxes your body. When you work-out and raise your body temperature and expend all the energy, body enters into the soothed zone, where it finds it easier to doze off.

6. Get your skin glowing

When blood gets flowing through your body, thanks to aerobic exercise that pumps up the heart rate, your skin gets flooded with oxygen and nutrients. Therefore, the skin cells get rejuvenate, wound healing is improved, and your skin gets the post-workout glow!

7. Reduces Pain

Exercise causes the release of pain-reducing hormones, like endorphins, that provides relief against pain. Moreover, exercise is also very useful for combating chronic pain as well. It also increases pain threshold and decreases pain perception.

8. Promotes Longevity

A simple recipe of long and healthy life is good diet and plenty of exercise. The former nourishes the body in the right way, and the latter helps prevent diseases. Chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease etc. eat away at your healthy years. With exercise, your longevity is improved.

9. Boosts self-confidence

It is very important to have confidence in yourself. But so many things erode at our belief in our abilities and our being. This then makes us vulnerable to deceit from others, abuse, and also has a severe impact on our prospects.

Therefore, in light of the high stakes, the fact that exercise helps in boosting self-confidence becomes even more profound.

10. Better sex life

There are a lot of factors that influence your sex life. Heart health, stress levels, sleep deprivation, all endanger it. Exercise helps at mitigating this so that you can fulfill your primal instinct.

Furthermore, it also helps in getting a more satisfying sex life. For men, exercise also is good for improving the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

11. Shrinks fat cells

Alongside burning calories, exercise also facilitates in the utilization of fat cells for energy production. Thus, with lesser fat cells, there is lesser inflammation in the body as well.?

12. Makes you age slower

While there is no elixir of life, exercise can certainly help you in staying ?relatively?young. According to Time magazine, moderate exercise slows down the process of aging at cellular level. No fountain of youth, just running around the block will do!

13. Prevent chronic diseases

Exercise is excellent for preventing chronic illnesses like high cholesterol diabetes, osteoporosis. It helps at lowering the risk of stroke, hypertension, arthritis as well.

Exercise also fortifies the heart, as the action of rapid pumping strengthens its muscles. Since exercise prevents plaque formation, blood flow does not get impeded, and so the heart does not have to work extra hard.

People who already do have chronic diseases have easier time in the management of their condition when they exercise regularly. However, those with musculoskeletal issues like arthritis should first confer with the orthopedic surgeon as to what exercises are allowed in their condition.

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