Important Features of an E-commerce Site?s Design

Important Features of an E-commerce Site Design

E-commerce refers to electronic commerce. This means that all commercial transactions and business transactions are done electronically by the Internet is called E-commerce.

In India. They have  some large e-commerce websites.They do very good business. From Indian consumers. His turnover of the year is in crores.

Four segments of the market follow in e-commerce.the following are in below:-

  • (B2B)-Business to Business.
  • (B2C)-Business to Consumer.
  • (C2C)-Consumer to Consumer.
  • (C2B)-Consumer to Business.

(B2B)-Business to Business.

B2B Means A company works for a business and services for another company is called Business to business model.

(B2C)-Business to Consumer.

B2C Means A company works for customers for revenue by fulfilling customers needs is called Business to Consumer model.

(C2C)-Consumer to Consumer.

C2C Means exchange of goods and services between two consumers  is called Consumer to Consumer model.

(C2B)-Consumer to Business.

C2B Means consumer providing products,goods and services to companies as an Influencer is called Consumer to Business Model.

[We have a list of the good features of e-commerce websites.]

Login- If we see an e-commerce site. We see a lot of options there. One of which is also of login. With which we can create our account. By creating an account, we get the benefit that our details are saved. And the website gets to know our choices. When we login to that website, we see our favorite and favorite items.

Language- Which are good e-commerce websites. There is an option to change that language. Because the same language is not spoken everywhere. In view of this point, e-commerce websites also give an option to change the language inside their website, which benefits our customers. They do not have to see any problem in seeing the product.

Search bar- If the e-commerce website has a search bar or search option.This makes the customers very easy to find their product. Because from the search bar, you can find the product in the shortest possible time.

Contact us-  Contact us is one such good feature that should be on every website. If this happens in the e-commerce website, it benefits the customers, they can solve their problem or queries their Career Company’s customer care number by calling or emailing it.

App link- If we see the website of e-commerce. We see a lot of options there. One of which is also for app download. We benefit from this, we do not have to do any searching. What we want is just an app. Our internet is also very less used with the help of apps.

Payment  icon- As we take help of e-commerce websites to buy products nowadays. We also get good products and good discounts from there. In a good e-commerce website, the payment logo is visible correctly, because of that we do not have a problem to pay. Having the right place of payment option makes a good impression on the website.

Social Media platforms links- Like we open e-commerce sites. We have to see the product that it is in which product trend. If we follow the website on social media. This benefits the customers, if they are using social media, they will get the product updates from social media.like Facebook, Instagram etc.

Product Segment- A good feature is some e-commerce sites. We enter the product segment. And we get products of the same type of different companies. Which gives us this advantage, all the products of that segment are seen simultaneously. Even if we do not know the name of the product, we can still search it. This feature is available in all e-commerce sites.

Quality of images- Now-a-days customers are buying online products very much. If someone sees a product on an e-commerce site, we first see the image of the product. If he does not like the image, he will not buy the product. So the image of the product should be clear and large.

Watch list- When we look at an e-commerce site, we see an option in the watch list. The work of that option is that we can list your choice of products that you can not buy now or we want to buy them. This helps us a lot in buying Desire products quickly.

Reviews- If the review option is in the e-commerce site, the customer gives you the idea and the post of the product purchased, so that the customer buying the fire gets help. He gets an idea to buy his own after seeing the reviews of that product. This is a very good feature for the customers.

Mobile Number update- In a good e-commerce website, the option to update the mobile number is right. Because you keep getting information about your product on mobile.

Sales Notification- Often we see sales notifications on e-commerce sites. When a sale comes with a good e-commerce website, they message their customers and tell them that our sales are on this date. These features are very useful. Sales come in buying the product of your choice.

Return and Exchange- If a customer visits the e-commerce website, he first sees the product. And it also sees that there is a return policy of product In the e-commerce site, the customer should not be afraid to buy a product. If its product is defective or small. The customer can return or exchange it.


As we told you about e-commerce. And we also told you its important features. If you ever want to build your e-commerce website, then pay attention to these features. These features can attract customers very quickly.

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