The importance of technology in Education?

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Education has always been one of the most important aspects of human life. The evolution of human beings into the smart age of today is due to the interest that humans have in learning and how they are able to make the most of their time expanding their horizon of knowledge. If you look at different methods of schooling, you will find that it has changed a lot ever since the perception of the system being incorporated as a school system. The curriculum has increased in difficulty from a lower level and one of the main reasons that this happened is due to the introduction of technology in the education system of today. Unlike the past where students had to go through a lot of hard work to complete their homework and projects by spending hours browsing through archives in the library, students today have it all within their grasp. The last decade has seen a great difference in the advancement of technology itself as rather than using computers, students now prefer to use laptops or tablets to make their learning easier. You will find students using recent technology to handle their curriculum efficiently. On a more detailed note one would realize that the advancement in education is simply due to the way recent technology handles and conveys data. The more efficient and advanced our data handling systems become the more access the students have to use it for educational purposes. One of the most recent ways in which data can now be stored is through block chains, making it easy for students, teachers, institutions and firms like Ghostwriting Services to store and access data.?

What is a Block chain?

The term block chain has been widely linked to crypto currency as the primary use of block chain in the recent days is associated with crypto currency and trade, however block chain can be linked to almost industry and can be used in many different ways. The easiest way to perceive what is exactly meant by block chain is to consider it as a system that comprises of grouped data known as a ?block?. The specific data base has many groups of data that are then linked together, referred as ?chains?. Together Block chain aims to provide a fast and secure method of storing data online which can be accessed from anywhere by the user, making data portable and easy to access for any user. The concept of storing data online in such a secure way is then applied to all forms of places where there are large chunks of data that is exchanged between various parties. 

How is Block Chain applied to the Education system?

In the case of our education system we can see that there are a lot of sensitive information that a student provides to the university in order to study at the institution. In many cases not only personal information but financial information such as bank details are also with the university and are shared by students via a portal, which at all times is prone to hacking. The introduction of Block Chain in handling student data simply means that at all times the institution will be able to safeguard the data, share it with the student whenever they wish and also ensure that it is correct and up to date. 

One of the ways in which block chain can be used in the education department is to handle the scholarships of students. Many students throughout the university find themselves on various scholarships for which they have to stay in link with the university and share a lot of sensitive data, which in many cases includes social security number, bank account numbers along with address and the scholarship being provided. The entire data can be stored in this database in the form of blocks which would allow the data to be accessed from anywhere by the user but also to be cross referenced and checked by the student so that there are no errors. 

The use of block chain in the education is not limited only to the financial usage of it, as there are also additional ways in which block chain database can be used to benefit the institution and the student. As block chain works on a method that ensures that the entered data cannot be changed, the data becomes permanent making it impossible to modify and is always in chronological order which means that it is always easy to view and in a user friendly format. This can be used to provide assignments to students and also to receive submissions of projects as to ensure that the students are submitting on time. The system can also be adapted to be used in the education sector which would see the additional features of timestamps, and will provide information when a user has seen the message and whether a student is aware of the project issued or not which cannot be done on email or portals. Removing excuses from the educational systems will force the students to follow a timeline and achieve the best education possible. 

Advantages of using Block Chain in Education

When it comes to education, parents, teachers and even students want to go the best universities or institutes so that they are able to capitalize on the opportunity to learn and excel in the ladder of success. Having an effective system would mean that a child has a head start in their life resulting in a higher probability rate of success. There are many advantages of using block chain technology in education which would ensure that the education world is resurrected and brought to life in a new and updated way. 

One of the significant advantages that the educational sector will see is that everything concerning data will be extremely cheaper. Books will no longer have to printed saving student?s chunks of their fee and expense. With such a data storage system the students do not have to go to the campus for theoretical subjects which would have a great impact on the fee structure of an institute. A university or a college could provide the certification, degree or diploma online via the block chain method which would not only keep it safe and accessible in all parts of the world by the student but it would also make it easy for the employers to cross check the qualification and ensure that the person they are hiring has the right legit credentials. 

With the use of block chains there are many additional developments that can take place in order to ensure the legitimacy and accessibility of various different people. The advantages of using this technology is limitless and has wide scopes in all aspects of education and even help a person once they have graduated. With the vast horizon of possibilities one can be sure that the future of databases is block chain which means the introduction of this technology to the education sector is inevitable and sooner or later it will be the biggest contribution technology has given to the way of learning since the introduction of the internet and online libraries. 

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