Importance of Stop Loss and Its Different Types

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    The movement of the market is totally unpredictable. You may think it is heading the right path but then you realize you are actually losing the game. But thanks to stop loss available in trading platforms like MetaTrader 5, traders are protected from too many losses in the market. In Forex trading, stop losses have different forms as well as methods of use. This time, we are going to let you know the different forms of stop-loss including trailing stops and static stops. We are also going to highlight the use of these stop losses in trading.

    What is a Stop Loss?

    A stop loss in Forex trading is a function that is given by brokers to help limit the losses of traders in volatile markets. Stop-loss works when the trader sets it to a specific level or amount of pips that are far away from your entry price. It can also be attached to long trades or short trades which makes it a totally useful tool that helps implement your Forex trading strategy.

    MetaTrader 5

    Importance of Stop Loss Order

    There are so many reasons why stop losses are important to trading. But if you check all these reasons, you will get the main idea that the future in trading is unpredictable. No matter how strong your setup is or the information that you have pointing to a specific direction, the future changes in the currency price will never go as planned and it is something you cannot predict. And knowing that there is risk in every trade, makes you cringe and think of a way to get past it without losing your investment.

    Stop Loss Strategies in Forex

    There are five strategies that you can apply when you place stop-loss orders in Forex.

    Setting Static Stops

    Traders are allowed to set stops on a static price with the thought of allocating the Forex stops while not creating changes to it until you reach a specific price. The advantage of this stop loss is its simplicity. Traders also find it easy to ensure that the risk-reward ratio is properly observed.

    Static Stops based on Indicators

    There is another stop loss in trading which is based on an indicator like the Average True Range. One important benefit of this stop loss is that it uses real market information that helps in assisting the setting of stops.

    Manual Trailing Stops

    If you?re a trader who wants to level up your control towards your losses, manual trailing stops will be your best option. Just as its name suggests, it can be manually moved whenever a position moves.

    Trailing Stops

    It is true that static stop losses are very helpful in bringing huge improvements towards the approach of new traders. However, there are traders who utilize stops in a totally different way to maximize the money management that they have on each of their trades. Trailing stops can be adjusted along with the moves of the trader, especially during times of mitigating the downside risk of incorrect trades.

    Fixed Trailing Stops

    Fixed Trailing Stops are stops that are adjusted incrementally. These stop losses can be found in MetaTrader 5.

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