The Importance of Regular Medical Check-Ups!!

Good nutrition, lifestyle habits and regular exercise are some of the main factors that contribute to a healthy body! Although, it?s a fact, that not everyone is able to perform or maintain these influential factors consistently throughout their lifetime.

This makes it imperative to go for an annual medical check-ups, to determine the exact status of your body functions that can help you identify any abnormalities before they can worsen, and pose a substantial risk to your health! Once identified, any issue can be immediately taken care of and while giving prompt treatment, one can reduce complications that may even turn out to be fatal. 

But people generally do not realise that regular medical check-ups are the absolute necessity and keep finding excuses for not undertaking any such check-ups, until they become an emergency. We will discuss the importance of regular medical check-ups and give you substantial reasons, as to why you should indulge in a medical check-up at least once a year. 

But before that, let’s see a few ways and which people generally avoid and give excuses for not undertaking any medical check-ups.

  • Not feeling sick: There are some diseases that do not display any symptoms in the initial stage and you may not even have any visible signs of its existence. But abnormalities may be actually lying hidden inside your body without giving you any indication or warning. Regular medical check-up will reveal any such potential disease, so that it can be treated at its earliest.
  • Appearing to be fit: You might be eating right and at a proper time and may even be a very disciplined person when it comes to exercising. You may be in a great shape, but this simply does not guarantee that you are completely healthy from inside. There are some diseases that are generic and may be bearing a hereditary disposition, and you might never know that you were susceptible to them.
  • Check-ups are quite expensive: People spend money on branded clothes and watches, expensive mobiles and vacations and what not! But when it comes to a check-up once a year, they feel as if it is the heaviest investment they are being asked to make! But realising the fact how a timely check-up can save you from the life threatening disease, a small amount invested in your health should not seem like an irrelevant expense!
  • It?s just the old people who need it: As per the research, younger people in the recent times are falling prey to diabetes, hypertension and heart diseases, which ailments were considered to be the ?old man?s illnesses? earlier! With the fast changing lifestyle, which is mostly unhealthy and neglected, these diseases have taken over mankind without any age restriction. This has made even youngsters fall prey to the diseases, which could be really detrimental and even life threatening.
  • Afraid of any abnormality that may show up: People are mostly scared of the possibility of any abnormality being exposed in the test reports! It is normal to react to an unexpected medical report, but getting frightened or panicking is not the solution. Rather, feel fortunate to have unearthed a disease at its early stage, so now you have time to treat and manage it rather having to face it as a medical emergency at the later stage.

Going for a regular medical check-up definitely helps in the long run, as it renders many benefits which people generally neglect to comprehend.

Let us now see how a regular medical check-up is actually an absolute must for you.

Why do you need to go for a regular medical check-up?

As mentioned earlier, regular medical check-ups help you to avoid or at least catch any disease early. Following are a few of the most prevalent reasons that can support the fact, why you should be regular at medical check-ups.

  1. It can reduce your risk of getting sick: The regular medical check-up includes various physical and mental checks to ensure that everything is fine with your mind and body. The full body check-up literally examine you from head to toe to make sure you are free from any kind of disease. Full body check-up ensures that, if any disease is diagnosed, it can be nipped in its early stage itself and can be given the treatment at its earliest.
  2. Stress related diseases can be uncovered: With unpredictable weather conditions, pollution and constant pressure at work, people these days are falling victim to stress related diseases and disorders, that demand earliest attention and treatment. A regular full body check-up ensures that any underlying problem be revealed, so that care and treatment can be provided.
  3. Blood test results help identify potential diseases: Cold and fever being common diseases, show common physical symptoms. This could not be of such a worry, as common diseases completely subside within a few days. But one might be suffering from some critical disease which needs urgent attention and treatment. A regular health check-up, that includes blood test also helps in identifying any such disease that does not show up physically, but remains dormant inside the body. Doctors normally prescribe blood tests for this reason only, so that they can screen out various potential diseases on time and begin with the treatment at the earliest.
  4. Regular medical check-ups make you more aware of your health:  We as normal people, hardly care about visiting a clinic or hospital for periodic medical check-up, until we get actually sick and are in dire need of a treatment. This way we normally take our health for granted! We also add to the negligence when we make poor decisions regarding our health, specially the food we eat or the exercise regime we follow. A regular medical check-up makes you realise the need and benefits of leading a healthier lifestyle. On meeting the doctor, as well as watching other patients who were suffering from neglecting their health, makes one realise the need of a healthier lifestyle!
  5. Full body medical check-ups once a year may reduce healthcare costs overtime: Attending to a regular full body medical check-up, preferably once in a year, ensures your body and mind functioning well. This also helps in an early screening of any potential disease, that would cost less to cure, than at an advanced stage, thus reducing your medical costs. Moreover, getting sick and remaining so for a long time, (if the disease happens to be on an aggravated stage) will surely disrupt your entire lifestyle. You may have to take long leaves from school or your office resulting in losses. Therefore, a regular medical check-up reduces the chances of getting sick, because you are at a point where you are aware of the health condition of your body. 

With the many reasons enumerated above, you might be sure by now, why a regular medical check-up is an essential part of your lifestyle. With the advancement of medical facilities provided by hospitals and clinics today, you may even get a mobile sample collection at your doorstep, making the entire procedure of health check-up much easier. If you’re running short of time, you could definitely take up the facilities provided by the health providers and make sure you are taking your health as a priority and not for granted!

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