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    In the world of computer science, artificial intelligence refers to a human-like intelligence that is executed by a robot, a machine, or a computer. AI or artificial intelligence consists of the ability of a computer or a machine to mimic the capabilities of human minds learning from their experiences and examples by understanding and responding to language, recognizing objects, making decisions, and solving problems, combining all of these and other capabilities to perform certain functions human might perform such as driving a car, maintaining hotel guests, etc.

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    AI has been a part of our everyday life for many years and AI development is made possible by the availability of large amounts of data with the wide availability of computer systems that can analyze as well as process the data much faster and more accurately than humans can.

    Artificial intelligence works by completing our words once we type them and providing directions when we ask. It can also help in work using our floors and recommending what we should watch next. The driving applications of artificial intelligence such as medical image analysis have held professionals to do important jobs faster and with big success.

    Relationship between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:

    Artificial intelligence is a system that includes anything from an expert system that is a problem-solving application that helps in making decisions based on complex rules. Machine learning is considered as the subset of artificial intelligence applications that learns by itself by reprogramming itself and digesting more data to perform some task designated to perform with increasing higher accuracy.

    Then comes deep learning. Deep learning is the subset of machine learning. It teaches Excel to perform a specific task with greater accuracy without the intervention of humans.

    Important Uses of Artificial Intelligence:

    1.    Medical Sciences: artificial intelligence has made an incredible impact on medical sciences and has led to amazing changes in the medical industry arena. Artificial intelligence has given an option of virtual care private assistants which are specific for people’s needs and it is used for monitoring, researching different types of cases, and also analyzing a few past cases about their outcomes. Also, a great initiative by the medical industry to work their way up in the medical sciences is providing 24*7 assistance that has only been made possible with the help of Artificial Intelligence-based machines.

    2.    Gaming and Entertainments: if you can play computer and TV games on a whole new level say thanks to Artificial Intelligence. Virtual reality is also an example of artificial intelligence. Various gaming bots will play with you and also provide you great entertainment which is only possible with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

    3.    Air transport: it has been noticed as well as research that air transport will not be able to survive without the use of artificial intelligence. There are a lot of features that include booking the tickets to the takeoff along with the operation of life that is being taken care of by artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence makes their transport much safer and provides a comfortable journey to the passengers.

    Use of artificial intelligence in Mobile Keyboards:

     Modern-day mobile keyboards are a combination of newly developed artificial intelligence Technologies. The main work of artificial intelligence in mobile phone keyboards is to accurately correct mistakes and enable you to switch between the languages and read what you are going to type after typing a word.

    Mobile Keyboards are also inbuilt with emoji prediction features that are done with the help of artificial intelligence only. It understands English and all major Indic languages. It is only possible through artificial intelligence that saves your time in predicting what you are going to type next, which emoji you are going to choose according to your texts, etc.

    Artificial intelligence is incredibly good at correcting typos, this feature has been built into mobile keyboards which are named auto-correct. The autocorrect detects misspellings, grammatical errors, etc, and automatically the errors with the correct ones.

    We can use artificial intelligence in the place of language detection that allows bilingual users to easily switch languages even when typing a single message.

    Another very remarkable contribution by Artificial Intelligence in mobile keyboards is the promise of privacy. Many keyboards process everything you type using them but the Bharat Keyboards are the only keyboards that don’t share data back to their developers. Many keyboards have network access so they can capture everything you can type and can leak across the internet. In Bijoy Keyboard, all the personalization happens on your device itself with no user typing data details sent across the internet. You can even learn how to add Bangla Keyboard on Whatsapp.

    We can see how artificial intelligence has made our life easy and exciting. It saves our time and helps us interact phenomenally with our friends and families in the form of mobile keyboards.Download the Bharat keyboards and make your phone fancy with amazing features and utmost privacy.

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