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    agricultural Studies

    While all students are fretting over-engineering and arts courses which have been subjected to gargantuan competition, breaking the shackles is the burgeoning popularity of agricultural courses. The recent trends show us that students are diversifying their field of study, and agricultural studies have been witnessing a massive rise in charts. Countless B.Sc Course, B.Tech Course, BA course, etc. has been established under agricultural studies under various specializations. We have seen the stats, but let?s get down to the bottom of the topic. ?Why are agricultural studies important??

    To keep it simple, over 60% of the Indian population is employed directly or indirectly in the agricultural sector which makes it the primary job sector in this country. In a peninsular country like India, the agricultural yield has been relatively high due to the availability of various types of soils scattered around the landmass of India. Adding to the fact, the agricultural sector has been the most revenue-generating in the country, and it will inevitably have a direct impact on a country’s economic status as it affects the GDP rates and stock markets.

    The current utopian world has experienced a massive technological surge and it has indeed reached down to the agricultural sector. Around 90% of farmers on the field are illiterate and they sow crops based on experience and climatic conditions. They require proper technical assistance in case of critical scenarios and situations concerning the yield or even climatic conditions. That’s where the graduate of any agricultural studies course will play a significant part.

    Most of the agricultural courses are governed by ICAR (Indian Council of Agricultural Research), which was established under the department of agricultural research and education (DARE) commissioned by the ministry of agriculture and farmer welfare, the government of India. The course has been designed in such a manner that involves broader aspects of practical study and theoretical studies to support practical studies. This is done so that graduates can easily troubleshoot the real-time problems faced by farmers.

    There are several courses offered under the agricultural studies branch for undergraduate studies and even for postgraduate studies. Let?s try to gain a more pixelated picture of the courses offered under this stream of study.

    What are the Courses available in Agriculture?

    If you consider any stream, you?ll have countless specialization fields and subjects which you can choose from to excel in a domain, Similar case even applies concerning agricultural studies. Agriculture and farming studies are offered via renowned courses like B.Sc course, B. Tech course, B.Agri course, etc. However, function and the depth of study differs depending upon the course. 

    To substantiate the previous point, let?s consider an example of a B.Sc Agriculture course with any specialization. A B.Sc agriculture course curriculum is designed just like another B.Sc course, but for agriculture course, B.Sc course structure will place the extra weight on practical studies, unlike many other B.Sc courses. This course approaches the agricultural study in a more scientific way, which talks more about the science and facts involved during various agricultural techniques and activities.

    A B.Tech in any agricultural course will combine basic engineering and technology concepts with fundamental agricultural science, which will be used to develop agricultural technologies, one of the in-demand fields in and out of the Indian subcontinent. Usage of agricultural technology will support the sector in countless ways like an increase in yield, analyzing the scenario, detection of unhealthy crops, soil analysis, etc., which is very much in full deployment in top countries.

    Irrespective of the domain selected, the demand remains the same. Agricultural technologies are the need of the hour and so do the research scientists in the field of agriculture. The Job scopes have always been high and hence the need for graduates of the agricultural stream. Let?s throw more light on the scopes that the field offers.

    What is the Scope in the field of Agriculture?

    ?What can a degree in agricultural studies provide me?? has been a rhetorical question amongst the student fraternity for an extremely long period. What opportunities can they beseech via this course? I?m pretty much sure that none will pick this course without having any initial exposure to the agricultural world or farming, which eliminates the need for the second question. Without delay, let?s discuss the scopes offered by the field.

    As we previously mentioned about ICAR as the governing body of agricultural studies in India. They?re simply more than just a governing body. They represent nothing short of a technical institute that offers research-based study in the field of agricultural studies and indeed carries out research-based functions in the field. The Indian Council of Agricultural Research has been established in a motive to bridge the barrier between farmers and proper yield. 

    Established over 71 places across the country, it not merely aims to offer courses based on agricultural studies but also functions as a full-time research and development center in the field of agriculture and farming. They assist the farmers by providing input to them on how to achieve better yield and advise them on how to utilize technology efficiently. Owing to the vaster importance of agriculture in India, these institutes also conduct seasonal surveys across various farms surrounding their land area and help the farmers with their queries and problems.

    Since this committee is directly sanctioned by the central government of India, the pay scale for the employees working in the institutes is much higher than the ones in private companies. However, Job scopes aren?t restricted exclusively to ICAR, whereas students can also apply for many private agricultural technology manufacturers and fertilizer manufacturers, who are also quite a high demand in the market.

    This is just the start! The beginning of what seems to represent the most crucial and significant field of studies for the forthcoming days. Days are numbered, and we can expect a sudden shift where the agriculture sector will again rise and over dominate the Corporate sector. High time career counselors reconsider their thoughts and supervise students on the ocean opportunities present in the field of agricultural studies.


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