5 Ways You Could Immigrate To Canada In 2021

Every year lakhs of Indians move to Canada either for pursuing higher studies or better job opportunities. Canada is always ranked in first position for the superior quality of lifestyle. The Canadian government provides ample opportunities to students as well as skilled workers to flourish their career. Moreover, living in Canada will give you access to enjoy the beautiful weather of the country, clean environment, multicultural diversity, abundant wildlife and extraordinary lifestyle. 

Canada took multiple measures to improve the access foreign nationals have to its immigration programs during the pandemic. In 2020, regardless of restrictions imposed because of pandemic, Canada continued to issue ITAs(Invitations to Apply). With this, Canada set a record of issuing more than 1,00,000 ITAs to prospective skilled worker immigrants. Also, Canada re-opened its borders for international students to attend universities/college under coronavirus travel guidelines. If you wish to migrate to Canada, contact the reputed immigration consultants in Jalandhar.  

Moving to Canada is your dream? If yes, look at below mentioned 5 ways you could immigrate to Canada in 2021:

Provincial Nominee Programs

Providing programs for skilled workers at both provincial and federal levels, Canada runs a two-tiered immigration system. Canada�s three territories and ten provinces can nominate skilled worker candidates for admission to Canada through a network of PNP (Provincial Nominee Programs). Candidates who successfully receive a territorial or provincial nomination, they can apply for permanent residence in Canada through federal immigration authorities. 

Express Entry

Canada receives immigration applications online under the Express Entry System. Applicants who fulfill eligibility criteria, they need to submit an online profile called an Expression of Interest (EOI). This is done to the Express Entry Pool under a participating provincial program or under any one out of three federal immigration programs.

Afterwards, profiles of candidates are ranked against each other as per point based system i.e. Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). Only high ranked candidates will be considered for an ITA permanent residence. Candidates receiving an ITA have to submit a full application along with processing fees within 90 days. For meticulous information you can link with well known Canada Visa Consultant. 

Start-up visa program

Under the Start-up visa program, immigrant investors can also come to Canada which can grant them permanent residence in Canada. This program is meant to recruit ingenious entrepreneurs to Canada and tie-up them with the private sector business of Canada. Many entrepreneurs have commenced their business in Canada by linking with venture Capital funds/business incubators and angel investor groups. 

A reputed venture capital fund must assure that it is investing not less than $200,000 into a qualifying business. Candidates can choose to qualify with more than two commitments from reputed venture capital funds aggregating $200,000. On the other hand, the minimum investment required for angel investor groups is at least $75,000.  For meticulous information, you can link with well known Canada Visa Consultant. 

Post graduation work permit

Candidates can enter Canada under post graduation work permit. Work experience gained under this program can be counted while applying permanent residence through the Express Entry system. As per Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) adopted by Express Entry system, immigration applicants are given points on the basis of:

  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • Language potential
  • Language potential and education qualification of applicant�s common law partner or spouse.
  • Holding of a job offer backed by a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment.
  • Should possess a provincial government nomination for permanent residence.
  • A definite combination of education, language skills and work experience that result in a higher possibility of the applicant becoming employed (skill transferability). 
Canada study permit 

International students who aim to attain higher education in Canada can fulfil their dream by applying for a study permit. After completing their studies, they can apply for a work visa and then for permanent residence with the help of Express Entry scheme. 

Every year lakhs of students enter Canada to pursue their higher studies. Students must fulfil the following eligibility criteria to study in Canada:

  • They must not have any criminal case against them.
  • They have financial sufficiency to afford education and living expenses in Canada.
  • Submit a medical examination that ensures good health.
  • They have been accepted by a college/university in Canada.
  • Convince an immigration officer that they�ll leave Canada after completing their studies. 

After receiving study visa, students can work in Canada under following classifications:

  • Off- campus with a work visa.
  • On- campus without a work visa.
  • In internships and co-op programs where work experience is a significant part of the curriculum, with a work visa.

Students can apply for a work visa after completing graduation under post graduation work visa scheme. Under this scheme, students can get a work permit upto 3 years. 

Are you aiming to study in Canada? If yes, contact the most prestigious Canada Visa Consultant in Jalandhar for valuable guidance. 


Those who wish to study/work in Canada can migrate under five schemes mentioned above. From here we can deduce that Canada is a country of adequate opportunities, where an individual can improve his/her lifestyle in multiple ways. 

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