IELTS online coaching: Get started with exam preparation tips

    Clear the IELTS exam with a perfect score. Your score is reported on a 9-band scale. It helps you get admission to a prestigious institute in the USA with over 3,000 institutes accepting IELTS.

    The question, however, that arises in the minds of many international students?how to prepare for the exam?

    Without understanding the series of questions types of IELTS Academic and General, it will be difficult for any test taker to attempt it. Rather than visiting an institute, it is advisable to prefer?IELTS online coaching. In other words, the coaching helps every test taker to understand even the trickiest portions of the exam.

    IELTS online coaching

    How to prepare for the exam?

    IELTS exam preparation tips are the need of the hour every test taker has to follow.

    Enlisted are IELTS exam preparation tips?

    * In the reading module, skim the passage rather than reading it as you have limited time in hand

    * Avoid spending much time on a particular answer. After answering it, move on to the next question.

    * Work on your strengths and weaknesses. Never underestimate any question as some questions are easy, whereas others are difficult.

    * Allot your time for answering questions from a particular passage. If you do not understand, read it carefully. Do not waste time while reading the same question umpteen times.

    * Do not spend more than 20 minutes on a particular passage.

    * Practice more by attempting several IELTS practice tests available online.

    * In the listening module, jot down important points of a specific question. Shorten data. You get only limited time to write down answers.

    * Be stress-free. If you think much, you might miss out on crucial information entailing a question.

    * Useful tip is to recollect some synonyms before writing an answer

    * In the listening section, you should concentrate more on listening. Be calm and focused.

    * Read essay samples online. Start with Task 2 essay

    * Before you start answering, read a particular topic twice or thrice.

    * Rearrange all thoughts. Your answers based on arguments should substantiate with logic.

    * The more your writing is comprehensive, the better it is.

    * Make it a practice to revise all your answers at the last minute in the writing module. In case you have time left, you can correct spellings and grammatical errors in the answer sheet

    * Do not repeat same words often and avoid any repetitions. Use synonyms wherever you can.

    * Speak on a particular topic as per the cue card. Use the mobile phone to record your voice while practising. Re-hear the voice that eventually helps you to understand mistakes. Understand those places where you fumbled in your conversation.

    * Be confident while speaking. Never pause in between nor over-analyze.

    * You should answer to the point and avoid giving lengthy answers. Never blabber in front of the examiner.

    * What you need to provide are honest replies. Do not be too vague while you answer several questions.

    * Never compromise on pace and fluency while answering a cue card topic in the speaking module

    Some general tips

    ? Before preparing for the IELTS exam, you need to develop English language skills and should be familiar with the exam format. Work more on those modules where you feel you may lose marks.

    ? Converse in the English language with family and friends.

    ? Hear news programs on the radio and documentaries on TV. Watch English films if necessary.

    ? Listen to different English accents i.e. Australian, British, New Zealand, American or Canadian.

    ? Read several publications wherever it is possible.

    ? Improve your written skills and do write emails, notes, or letters.

    ? Test takers should be aware of IELTS test rules and format.

    ? Practice more with sample questions. Opt for mock tests online and practice different tasks in the IELTS test. These include letters or short essays for the Writing test.

    ? It is necessary for you to spend more time practicing a lot of exam questions.  

    ? Pay heed to experienced trainer feedback.


    Whether you require personalized coaching or group coaching? Avail tips and strategies by which you can overcome IELTS exam challenges. In other words, the IELTS online coaching with experienced tutors is a one-stop destination to address all your test issues.

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